7 Ways To Improve Your Garden For 2019

Christmas is over, New Year is done and we’re now motoring towards spring which can only mean one thing – summer isn’t far away. Which in turn means that before you know it, the backyard will again become one of the most used rooms of the home.

Not many people think of the garden as a room, but that’s what it is – an extension of the actual physical building. As a result, it deserves as much attention you give to the spaces contained within your four walls.

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about the improvements you can make to your backyard for this year. What plants do you want to brighten the place up, are you going to change any of the surfaces or perhaps even install a major structure for those long nights of sunshine?

To get you started, here are seven ways you can improve your garden for 2019.

Improve Your Garden

Decorate your boundaries

The first element of a backyard that most people notice is its boundaries – they are what separates the garden from the rest of the outside world after all. If your old wooden fencing is cracked or faded, then consider replacing or painting it.

Could a wall be improved with some climbing plants? Maybe an overgrown hedge could be drastically taken back in order to provide more room and a less uncared for look? Take a look out your window, and you’ll soon see what you can to improve your boundaries.

Upgrade your pots

Every garden requires pots and containers and, as with most things in life, the more you spend on them, the higher the quality. If your backyard is currently littered with little plastic pots that look beyond their best or are even damaged, then consider in investing in bigger, sturdier replacements for 2019.

There are many different options out there –wooden pots with steel backs provide strength while Italian terracotta adds a touch of style and sophistication. Size is also important – plants need plenty of space for their roots to grow into and for wind stability, while the more soil there is available, the more water that they can be provided with.

Plant a vegetable or herb garden

Your backyard can be much more than a place for relaxing – it can also provide food for your family as well. An herb or vegetable patch can be a brilliant addition to any garden for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there are the sheer number of vegetables that you can grow in your garden. Secondly, you’ll be reducing your grocery bills by providing for yourself. Thirdly, having grown the fruit and veg yourself, you know that it is truly organic and pesticide free, unlike some produce from the shops. Finally, growing your own food is a great family activity as it can bring everyone together to work on the vegetable patch with the common goal of a healthy, homemade meal.

Consider your surfaces

The surfaces within your backyard play a big role in how it looks. Cheap concrete paving might be the easiest type of surface to get hold of, but it may soon become covered in moss and doesn’t exactly look enticing.

Consider patterned concrete tiles or brickwork instead for a patio area, both of which will be eye-catching and much more aesthetically pleasing than slabs of bland, grey concrete. Wooden decking can be lovely to spend summer evenings on, and if your garden is built on uneven ground, then gravel is one way around the complications that can sometimes come with leveling.

Add a structure

A gazebo is a brilliant way to improve a backyard by adding a focal point and creating a space in which you can unwind. Comfortable chairs placed under the gazebo offer relaxation and a place from which you can enjoy mother nature and the rest of your garden as a whole.

There is something to be said for the simple shed as well. There are plenty of great reasons to install a garden shed, ranging from the fact it can be used as a storage area to help declutter your house to the way in which it provides a place of refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the family home.

You might be thinking that a new structure is beyond you financially, but if erecting a structure in your garden is something you’ve got your heart set on, then a personal loan can help cover it. If you are worried that a bad credit rating may affect your chances of a successful application, then take a look at this guide on bad credit loans guaranteed approval for ways in which you can still secure funding to improve your garden.

Install a water feature

Another costly but worthwhile addition to the garden can be the water feature. Whether it is a Japanese pond with stones of various sizes filled with koi carp, a small water fountain gurgling away in the corner or just an old washing up bowl sunk into the ground to provide a bath for any birds that decide to pop by, water is an essential.

Your backyard is a place in which you want to relax, and the sound of running water is proven to provide an air of calm and a sense of tranquility.

Make it a haven for wildlife

One of the best experiences that a backyard can offer is when you get the opportunity to share it with wildlife. Spotting birds, butterflies, squirrels and bees enjoying the garden you’ve created can give a real thrill and brings you closer to nature.

We’ve already mentioned installing a water feature as one idea to entice wildlife into your backyard, but there are plenty of other ways too. Bird feeders and flowers that can attract insects are other ways to turn you garden into a haven for wildlife – and not only do those animals help brighten up your backyard, but they can also do a world of good for it by eliminating pests.

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