8 Job Opportunities For Working In Health Care

When we think of a change of career, one profession that most of us will rule out straight away is health. It takes years of training to become a doctor and for many people that just isn’t realistic.

Yet there are plenty of other jobs in the healthcare industry thaN that of those charged with saving lives and keeping the nation in good health. From a dental assistant to a massage therapist, an optician to a hearing-aide fitter, there are plenty of ways to get into the healthcare profession which don’t involve a raft of qualifications and a decade at college.

Here are eight job opportunities in health care.

Working In Health Care

Dental assistant

People are always going to need their teeth and teeth are always going to need help looking after – that’s probably why there is an estimated job growth of 19.5 percent in dental assistants leading up until 2024. Dental assistants work alongside an actual dentist, carrying out a range of tasks ranging from clerical work to preparing patients for treatment.

Personal care aide

As the baby boomer generation hit retirement age, so the average age of the nation increases. Residents aged 65 and over accounted for 12.4 percent of the population in 2000; by 2016 that was up to 15.2 percent and it continues to rise. More old people means more people who need looking after, which is the job of a personal care aide who helps patients with chronic conditions complete daily tasks.

Medical assistant

Doctors offices can be busy places and that’s why they tend to have a medical assistant employed to keep on top of everything, from maintaining records to collecting insurance information.

Medical billing and coding

Practically anyone can work in medical billing and coding and the skills needed can be taught through a specialized career or vocational school. The role involves working with both patient and insurers to ensure that the doctors office, lab or hospital receive payment for the services they’ve provided. With many medical providers now outsourcing their billing and coding, you can even potentially work as much or as little as you want from the comfort of your own home. Have a look at Best-Medicalbillingcoding.Com for more information.

Hearing aid specialist

What? Exactly! Hearing aid specialists ensure that we can hear what is going on clearly by specializing in the monitoring, selection, fitting and maintaining of hearing-loss devices.


It isn’t just our hearing that needs looking after, but our sight too. With 61 percent of Americans reporting that they wore glasses in 2012 and that figure still on the rise, being an optician is one job that will guarantee you remain busy.

Massage therapist

If you’ve ever been for a spa day or had a proper sports massage, then you’ll probably have thought at one point or another that it was so relaxing that it should be counted as a health treatment. The good news is it is – which means that if you become a fully trained masseur, you’ll be classed as a health care professional.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

If you loved science at school or always dreamed of working in a laboratory, then becoming a Clinical Laboratory Technician might be for you. Working under the supervision of technologists, you’ll analyzing lab work and perform other behind-the-scenes tasks.

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