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Painting, a cherish type of art is a beautiful way to express your feelings. Using acrylic paints, you have durable and flexible medium which considerably most affordable than using oils. These are extremely versatile paint materials that are capable to produce a complexity of tones and textures with various techniques. Acrylic paints can be used on canvas, wood, paper and metal. A watercolor effect can be gained by adding a little water to acrylics and also add different mediums for making acrylic thicker to make it look thicker and like oil painting.

Acrylic is a water soluble medium which made from synthetic pigments and resin. As it is water soluble, it dries fast and don’t need to dilute it with solvent for cleaning the palette. However with quick drying property, you do not have enough room for errors and therefore you need to work very fast. After acrylic dries on canvas, it become water resistant so you can easily roll up you canvas and easily store it without any fear of damaging or cracking the paint. Acrylic paints has hard lines and crisp edges, therefore one can easily paint with graphic composition, mixt bright colors and easily mask out the areas by covering them with thickest paint. Trade-off is that it is difficult to create smoother blends on large scale because acrylics also dry fast. A thing for using best acrylic paints is that they do not really fade with time. But, the tradeoff is that oil paints changes the shades when they dry. Lastly, with acrylics you are allowed to work in confined spaces or on unventilated are as they have no odor. Oil fumes, in contrast can be overwhelming with time.

Usually, one can buy acrylic paints in 2 different grades, professional or student grade. Professional grade comes with wider range of color and lots of finely ground pigments as well as higher permanence rating. On the other hand student grade acrylic paint has a smaller color selections, lower pigment levels, and include fillers that may weaken colors. Professional grade also have high price tags. We suggest to start with student grade to remain on budget and gradually introduce for professional grade in your collection if you are concerned to preserve artwork. Moreover in professional grade paints few colors are more expensive as compared to others, however they are still low cost as compared to oil paints. General rule of thumb, more earthly colors are more affordable and colors made cadmium.


Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints Classic Theory Color Mixing Set (Artist Grade)

Golden Heavy Body acrylic paint is best for those looking for an-all round perfect artist grade paints however are willing to pay premium for it. It comes with 8 colors 2 oz tubes along with a mixing guide to give pretty much about any color. Quality of it is amazing. Golden is the most popular brand among professional art community. If you ask an expert, they will report nothing wrong with this brand. Heavy body paint is thicker, however not crazy thick like Liquitex heavy Body. Golden has best pigment load as compared to any other brand. High pigment load paints are more concentrated therefore you usually need less quantity of paint to achieve same color. It is great for mixing as low pigments load paints become easily dull. These paints also tend to dry an opaque matte finish as well as have little color shifting. In these paints you will not find any matting agents, therefore the gloss of every color will vary. Moreover there aren’t any fillers, extenders and dyes added. The feel of Golden Heavy Acrylic paint is amazing and give very rich look and apply with smooth buttery consistency. The only complaint about this brand is its premium price, but the quality you get will make it still cost-effective.



Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paints Set (Student Grade)

Crafts for All is best if you need cheap yet good quality student grade paint. It comes with 24 colors which cover entire color spectrum and mix or blend well. Quality of Crafts for All is good for any student good at this price, because you are really getting a great bang for your money. There aren’t many 24 color sets that comes with dirt cheap price. It includes more than appropriate choice of colors as it include 24 shades in one pack. It gives a wide palate which leads to unique blends. Its huge selection is great for beginners and students who probably do not know the ways to mix colors. With more choices it makes easier to craft more particular blends. Paints works perfectly on all kinds of mediums such as wood, canvas, fabri and ceramics. Paints has thick consistency and don’t leak or run. Although it has a good quality, it is a student grade acrylic paint. It also include 3 different shaped brushes which work well for beginners. All in all Crafts 4 all is best for student and beginners who do not have enough money and need to be in painting. 8 colors include nice mixture of complete color spectrum and mix greatly.



Liquitex Complete Classic Heavy Body Acrylic Paints Set (Artist Grade)

If you need something between artist/professional grade and student grade, Liquitex is great. It is a popular brand in professional’s word. It comes with 8 solid colors in 2 oz tubes, two brushes, gloss medium and varnish, an acrylic book and a canvas board. As this set can certainly be categorized as professional grade and a popular brand, we would not make the jump to selling the art with it. However with this we doesn’t mean that it is a bad quality brand. What we simply mean is the say that if you need a professional grade paint look for Golden or something else like it. We believe Liquitex Heavy Body is great for students and part time professionals. The biggest complaint is that pigment load isn’t really up to the mark and at par with professional grade paints. Liquitex turns white too easily if mixed with white paint. Though it is thicker with high opacity, it tends to dry easily, that means you will end up consuming more paint in order to achieve smoother layer. Moreover, there is slight color shift from wet to dry. However it depends on budget and personal preference. Liquitex isn’t bad artist grade paint, however we think one can find something better. It have its place and time, if you are an individual who work with palate knife and have thick painting, you must go with it.


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