Best Home Study Websites

Home study is becoming an essential part of the school curriculum. With computers and technology having a place in virtually all American homes, teachers are seizing this opportunity to assign their students more high-quality home-based learning.

Home-based learning provides an opportunity for children to expand their knowledge and improve their learning in the long-term, allowing many interested children to find their passions and interests at a very young age and give them the best chance of developing these earlier. Some American children are now choosing to read academic texts and journals in areas of specific interest which are far above what is expected for their age.

If you have a child who is being tasked with more home-based learning, here are three websites which you can use to help them with it.


#1: Biology Junction

Biology Junction is a very simple-looking blog-based website which covers the Biology curriculum for a vast range of grades and levels of education. This website is regularly updated and packed full of high-quality resources to help your child learn biology, with many of the resources going beyond the curriculum and providing ample opportunity for further reading.

There are also lots of teacher-orientated resources which can help you – the parent – to make sense of some of the materials or to plan and deliver study sessions for your child.

#2: YouTube

The video-sharing website YouTube is packed full of high-quality, professional-grade educational resources. What was once a website just for funny home videos has turned into an educational platform in its own right, with teachers up and down the country relying on YouTube to deliver some of their lessons.

From mathematics to English and everything in-between, YouTube is bound to have a range of videos suited to your child’s age and what they need to learn. Some of our favorites include KhanAcademy and TED.

#3: EdX

EdX is an educational resource aimed at higher levels of learning (college and up), however, this can still be a viable resource if your child particularly excels in a given area of study. Many younger children who enroll on these online courses find their true passion and perform very well.

EdX has virtually any course you could ever think of, including more niche areas of study, with a handy search bar which helps you to easily narrow down courses by topic, school or subject area. With plenty of interesting and high-quality courses, it will not take long for you to find something worth looking at. A lot of these courses are provided by top-flight colleges such as MIT, Dartmouth, Harvard and Cornell, so there is absolutely no question as to their quality and relevance.

With home-based study becoming more commonplace and an essential part of any school’s curriculum, some parents struggle in finding the right websites or resources for their child’s home-based learning. We have outlined three good resources, however, there are many more out there – you just have to do a little digging and exploring to find them!

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