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A remote car starter add convenience to your life. As most cars today offer a keyless entry to car, main difference between remote car starter and stock remote key is that remote care starter can start engine with a press of a button, while remote key can only allow you to lock or open the car door from distance. Moreover, a remote car starter have wider range to activate your car as compared to remote key. This feature is actually very useful in cold and hot days. In winter, you need to warm your car before you go on drive. You can easily start your car from bed so that it can be warm appropriately in time so that you can just step in and drive to your destination. Similarly, in hot days, you activate your car’s engine and turn on air condition so that before you get into your cars it would not be scorching hot inside. About compatibility, most of the remote car starters will work with any car until it is 12 volt system. We suggest to confirm your car model before you buy it.

There are some important factors you need to consider before buying one. These factors are, ability to sense speed of engine, range of transmitter, and other features that make it more convenient. Regarding transmitter range, it’s important to find out what and where you will use it for. If you do not visit huge malls and you only need to start car’s engine from bed in the morning, go for short ranged devices. Moreover, remember that its range is diminished by penetration. For instance, in a parking lot with many other cars, transmitter required to penetrate via these cars, so if your remote car starter offers 500 feet range, it will diminished to 300 feet.

Regarding sensing engine speed, it is significant to find one with speed sensors. It is important because car not always get start when starter is activated. On colder day, it can take few attempts before it starts. A remote car with speed sensor can monitor engine speed and communicate through two way messenger device to let you know whether car starter or not. Engine speed senor also prevents an engine from revving. It engine speed is high, it will communicate to shut off the car and saves your car from overheating and other damages.

Regardless of the amount of extra features, every remote car starter should have the basic ability to start the car’s engine with a press of a button. Car starters comes in various functions and styles. Most remote starters include features like remote start, keyless entry, automatic window roll up, panic button to locate your car, burglary alarm, windshield heater activation, popping trunk open, immobilizer, and 2 way pager. Some of them also has a LCD screen which gives you status alerts. With the advent of smart phones some also offer mobile apps to operate it from your phone.


Viper 5706V Two-Way Car Security with Remote Start System

Viper is a flagship product of Viper Company and considered to be the premium remote car starter out there. It also offer 5906V version, which is only few upgrades like OLED display and timer. We don’t think are very important and therefore you can opt the older version with less price. It has a slimmest remote which offer the range of 1 mile. It is said to be the most reliable and fastest response as well as longest lasting battery. Usually, batteries last a few weeks with recharge that can be done by micro usb port. Regarding features, this remote starter offers all standard features along with various more programmable ones. You can close and open your car doors, set burglar alarms as well as start and off the engine with a single click. Two way communication is another feature that is a plus point to help you make sure that engine actually started.

Viper 5760 has a slew of advanced features and commands which sets it apart to make it best remote car starter. It include a temperature sensor which can tell you insider temperature. You can set your remote to perform any function you want from turning defogger to opening or closing windows or popping the trunk open. Despite these extra features, you must seriously think to buy it as it offer the most reliable starting function. Delay between you press engine button and starting the engine will be minimized to save your batteries as well as making remote long lasting. Lastly, never try to install system by yourself and try to hire professional person for this.



Viper Smart VSS4000 Phone Car Start System

Viper is the best remote car Smart Phone Start system for those who want to operate their cars by their phones. It is newer version from Viper. Biggest advantage is that now you don’t need to carry any keys or remote with you. It beats one mile radius which most car starters include. As this is a cool concept the only thing we warn you is that there is an annual subscription for this that cost $60/year. If you are insecure about phone stolen or lost, you can install GPS tracker which is sold separately. If you don’t have remote system installed already, then you have to install a bypass module to bypass keys requirement. We suggest to hire professional to install it as it is a difficult process. Moreover you also void the warranty given by Viper if you install it through any unauthorized installer.

It has gone through various iterations of trial and error and various bugs are now fixed. Although all keys are pretty responsive, we warn you to takes few more seconds before you execute commands v/s traditional remote system. Latest version is pretty smooth and comes with lock/unlock button, GPS locator, pop up trunk, engine starter, and two auxiliary buttons for choice. It also include cool notification center which tells you when someone is attempting to break in or whenever your vehicle leaves preset zone that you set for your car. There is an activity section which creates log of past activities and when you set. Its GPS feature is amazing and we believe it is really useful when you have to locate your car in huge parking place. If you need to check up on your car by phone from anyplace, this remote car starter is best for you and really makes you feel a James Bond in you.



AVITAL 5103L Remote Car Starters

Avital is best if you want car starter within your budget. However with lowest cost it has some pitfalls such as only one way communication. Advance models have two way communication to allow you to send and receive signals to know whether your command is executed or not. Mostly one way communication is just fine when you are close to you and you can easily visualize the activities of your car. Its range is 1500 feet or just 1/3rd of 1 mile. It is enough for most task like starting the car from your residence in morning time. Remote features has 4 command buttons including pop the trunk, lock/unlock as well as start/stop engine.

Remote start is definitely the important function which you want when you buy any remote car starter. It is important to preheat the car in winter season or pre-cool the car in hot seasons. Avital 5103L offers good value as it is cheap yet reliable for these basic features. Battery lasts quite a while and because of one way communication we didn’t experienced too many time that we press command button and task didn’t went through. Another cool standard feature is the keyless entry of this device. The radio frequency emitted through this device is encoded to avoid stealing the frequency and breaking in your car. It has dual zone shock sensor that chirps anything that slightly disturbs your car to set off alarm completely whenever a heavy disturbance is experienced. Overall, it is a basic model at a price that really jingle in your pocket and a preferred device if you don’t want additional fancy features.



INNOVA 3630 Remote Starter Switch

The INNOVA 3630 Remote Starter Switch allow you start and/or stop your car engine from a remote location. IT features a durable and shock-resistant ABS plastic housing along with an ergonomic grip. It also includes six foot neoprene oil grease and oil resistant leads as well as extra larger easy to use, insulated, metallic alligator clips to avoid risk of shocks along with insulated boots in order to simplify the timing as well as crank engine from under hood without any help from an assistant. It works on both computer controlled as well as conventional automobiles.



Universal Immobilizer Bypass for Remote Starter

Universal Immobilizer DEI 556 U interface module is used while installing remote starter in automobiles which is equipped with a Radio Frequency (RF based immobilizer system. This type of remote car starter system uses a small size chip which is imbedded inside the ignition key also known as transponder in order to transmit a very low powered radio signal. The detection of this signal is done with the help of a coil or an antenna around that ignition switch. These signals are sent to immobilizer’s transceiver. It is compatible with almost all type of alarms for the purpose of wide range use. It bypasses antitheft systems imbedded by the factory settings in order to use remote starter. Its installation is very easy, just 2 wire connection all is done. Key-inside-the-box design needs the use spare vehicle key. Plastic and metallic construction for durability.


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