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thermos-reviews-2017Thermos are useful in variety of situations however mainly used to hot or cold liquids hot and cold respectively. Professionally thermoses are called insulated bottles or vacuum flasks, however since thermos was the first company which get popular, the name caught as industry standard. Thermoses are not any ordinary liquid flask, but it must has a thick layer of insulation inside it, which keeps the temperature of the things inside it. This is a misconception that thermoses only used for coffee, soups and meals hot, however it can also keep a cold items cold, even ice creams. Thermoses vary in insulation, price, durability and sizes. Although all created for similar purpose, there is a huge difference between cheap and expensive ones. To keep something bigger, or to keep them for longer period of time read the reviews below.


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Thermos

thermos-1If you need a thermos with excellent insulation, look for Zojirushi, which is made from stainless steel and air tight lid to seal with safety lock. Lid is durable and never leak anything. The safety lock feature is best as it stops you from accidental slips. About built and design quality, there isn’t anything negative. Its opening is enough big to let ice cubes however not too much big to make it hard to fill the liquids out. Its stainless steel shell is impressive, as well as makes it completely durable and provide an added layer for insulation. It doesn’t look cheap and there are no worries of breakages. It comes with 5 years warranty. The only complaint about it is that it is bit small to clean from inside. You have to use a special bottle scrub brush to clean it. The spring action on lid is slightly fragile and you will feel that it could break easily.

Regardless to its minor flaws, it provide best insulation because of smart Japanese engineering and stellar insulation. After many test against other brands, Zojirushi was winner among all. It can keep cold as well as hot beverage for longest. Its double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation which diminishes the heat loss by convection currents. As compared to others, it outshined for insulation. It kept ice cubes for longer i.e. for at least 6 hours and warm for 3 hours. Its steel coating inside, make it easy to wash and doesn’t soak in any type of scents.



Thermos Stainless King Bottle

thermos-2If you are considering the overall design, Thermos Stainless King Bottle is best. Since 1900s, it has been manufacturing insulated bottle and they excellent performance and quality make their name Thermos as industry standard and many started calling it thermos rather vacuum flasks. Now days, game has changed and many companies entered the competition. As we stated above, its design and build quality is perfect. Primarily, it looks gorgeous. With sleek black stainless steel look, it match to your iPad and iPhone at Starbucks. Stopper at its opening is designed so you can twist it slightly to let the liquid out gradually however it would not be enough pressure to let whole bottle slip out. This stopper creates an air tight space inside and avoid any type of leak, as compared to Zojirushi. Thermos Stainless King has perfect insulation to slow the heat transfer in and out. It can preserve the temperature of hot drinks for 12 and cold drinks for 24 hours. Between inside and outside there is an airless space or vacuum which act as insulation.

The sound engineering is applied to ensure the way that minimizes heat loss by air vacuum. Though their efforts are admirable, Zojirushi deserves a gold medal because of its better insulation. However about overall package, functionality and design, Thermos Stainless King Bottle wins.



Eco Vessel Boulder Water Bottle

thermos-3Eco Vessel is best eco-friendly thermos which is recyclable. It started in Boulder Colorado and its manufactures a strong line of thermoses which are free of Liners, BPA, Phthalates and other chemicals that are harmful to environment. The outer layer of this thermos is made from premium #304 stainless steel and therefore it is very much durable. We like its design which is tailored towards any outdoor passionate. There is a cap with bendable handle on the lid. This handle can be hooked in a carabineer as well as strapped to backpack. One of the pitfalls of the lid is that it doesn’t shut contents inside thermo air tight. Therefore there is slight leaking if you throw it around, however we do not think it as a major problem.

On insulation front, Eco advertise a triple insulated wall. Usual premium thermoses include 2 walls that separate inside from outside, however Eco Vessel incorporates 3 walls. As of the hype about this new company, and its hype, we tried to investigate it ourselves. As we think triple insulated wall is marketing gimmick, we do not doubt its capabilities of insulating. Its insulating strength is similar to Thermos Stainless King, being able to keep hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for 24 hours. Although Company reports 36 hours of cold insulation, we were unable to verify if this thing is true. All in all, this is the solid thermos for those who are outdoor enthusiasts and also eco-conscious.


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