Choice Home Warranty Reviews: Basic Plan

The first question you want to ask yourself even before you decide on what plan or what company you want to settle for is “What is a home warrant?” A home warranty it a contract between a warranty provider and a homeowner that protects or shields the homeowner from unexpected repairs mainly caused by the normal wear and tear. This gives the homeowner some piece of mind knowing that in any eventuality that a repair is needed, they will not be forced to dig into their pockets to ensure that the repairs are in place.You could be a new homeowner, a buyer, an existing owner or even you own multiples of the home; you all qualify for a home warranty.

Home Warranty

Whether your home is new or old you need to have it covered. Research done by the Home Repair and Remodel, Marshall & Swift L.P. suggests that as much as you can go for a full year without failure of systems and appliances, the chances of them failing is 68% in a year. The cost of making these repairs is high compared to getting a home warranty contract. For instance, on average it would cost you $769 to repair drainage system, $571 for water heating system and $483 for air conditioning. These are the average costs you are likely to incur per year. On the other hand, you would need anywhere between $250 and $450 to get a home warranty cover with Choice Home Warranty service providers.

Evidently, you need to be bright enough to save yourself the money and the hustles that come with home repairs. Choice Home Warranty offers you piece such that you can sit back and relax knowing that your home is covered. Choice Home Warranty provides you with two options for your home warranty coverage contract.This guide will walk you through the Choice Home Warranty reviews of the two plans and what is covered in each of the plans.

The Basic Plan

Home Warranty

This is the cheapest plan available on the Choice Home Warranty offers. As the name suggests, it offers you with coverage for basic systems and appliances in your home. To get a cover for your home on this home warranty contract, Choice Home Warranty requires you to pay the US $370. The home warranty contract is quite flexible as it offers you the option to pay either on a monthly basis if you do not have all the capital all at once. You also have the option to pay for your home warranty plan just once per year. If you opt to pay on monthly basis, you will be required to make 12monthly installments of $33.33 US per month. It is, however, advisable to pay for the home warranty contract using the annual payment plan if you have the capability to raise the entire amount all at once. This is because when you pay for the contract annually, you are able to save $30 US. The choice is yours; after all, they say the money saved is money earned.

The basic pan home warranty contract covers only the non-luxurious systems and appliances in your home. This includes the electrical systems, the heating systems, and the plumbing systems.For your heating system to be covered by the Choice Home Warranty basic plan coverage, the main source to your home should be designed for a residential home use and should not exceed a capacity of 5 tons. All the parts and components of the heating system that is basic for its operation are covered by the basic home warranty plan contract. However, the part and components that relate to anything geothermal are not covered. This basic plan home warranty cover has a maximum limit of $15 US per year on home warranty contract for all diagnosis and repair of all entities that relate to the heating system. For the water heater, both gas and electric are covered under this plan. Insulation blankets, vents & flues, solar water heaters and other components, thermal expansion tanks, squat water heaters and storage tanks are among the other parts that are inclusive in this cover.

All parts of the electrical system and their components are covered by the basic plan. This includes exhaust fans for the bathroom that are in-built. Smoke detectors or any related system, systems associated with intercoms, solar system and its components, systems that involve energy management, any equipment of commercial grade, and broken wiring are some of the items that are not covered under this basic home warranty contract cover. For the electrical systems, the choice home warranty has a limit of $500 US for every contract term for all repair and replacement and diagnosis of this system.

For the plumbing system, the Choice Home Warranty basic plan contract covers all leaks of water, waste, gas and drain, toilet systems, shower systems and its components, in-built bathtubs, and for the sewer lines, stoppages that are within 100 feet proximity to the main access point. Leaks brought about by freezing are not covered. There is also a maximum limit on the amount spent on the plumbing system. This home warranty contract allows repairs, diagnosis, access and maintenance of up to $500 US for every contract term.

Home Warranty

When it comes to appliances, the Choice Home Warranty basic plan contract covers the water heater, plumbing stoppages, the oven, range or stove, cooktop, the dishwasher, the whirlpool bathtub, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, garage door opener, the ductwork, ceiling and exhaust fans. For the water heater, all the parts are covered other than insulation blankets, Corrosion and rust, solar heaters and their components, pressure valves, storage tanks, equipment that are of commercial grade and drains.

These are some of the major issues that are addressed by the Choice Home Warranty basic plan contract cover. However, you still have the option of going for the Total Plan contract or better still you could add the other options onto your basic plan contract.

This plan is cost-effective and covers you with the basics that you cannot do without. So go ahead and subscribe for it and do not forget to leave a comment at the Choice Home Warranty Reviews so that we can know how satisfied you are with our services.

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