How to Choose the Best Laptop for You

A laptop is one of the most convenient tech gadgets out there, giving people a way to experience all the benefits and power of a desktop computer in a more compact, and of course portable way. Even if you already own a smartphone, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in a laptop as well. Manufacturers are well aware of the fact that not everyone is looking for the same features and benefits in a laptop either, which is why there are so many options and price points out there.

If you’re currently in the market for a new laptop and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choices, here are some tips you can keep in mind that will help you pick the best one for your needs.

Laptop buying

The Size of the Screen

One of the first things you’ll notice is the variety of screen sizes available. This affects more than just the price of the laptop, it also affects how portable it is and how easy it is for you to see and navigate on the screen. If you don’t need it to be ultra-portable and you are doing a lot of detail work on it, then you may prefer the larger screen.

MAC vs PC – Which One is Right for You?

Another big question is which platform to choose. The two most popular ones are MAC and PC, both of which have their own list of pros and cons. Often it comes down to which operating system you feel most comfortable with, and which offers the most practical features for your specific needs.

As of late, Chromebooks have also been growing in popularity and use Google’s OS. This is perhaps the simplest OS to navigate, but it’s not quite as high-tech as the MAC OS or Windows.

Consider What Hard Drive is Best for Your Needs

There is also the hard drive to think about. Laptops offer either an SSD or HDD drive. An SSD is a solid-state drive and has no moving parts in it. The HDD is a hard disk drive and it uses moving parts in order to safely store your information. So why does this matter? It matters because an SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, so it’s actually more efficient when it comes to storing your data and retrieving it. What this means is that you’re less likely to have it fail over time, so it will last longer.

Of course, the benefits of an SSD go further than that as Secure Data Recovery points out in their blog regarding how to increase the life of your hard drive.

What Kind of Storage Does it Offer?

Storage is something that not everyone will be concerned about; again it comes down to how you plan on using your laptop. If you plan on storing a lot of files, then obviously you will be looking for something that fits your needs. Keep in mind that the higher the storage, the pricier it will be.

Plenty to Consider

Theseare just a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for a laptop. You also need to question such things as the battery life, screen resolution, and price in order to find that perfect unit.

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