How Packaging Solutions Can Help the Brands in Building Trust Relationships With the Clients?

A box is just a box if you come to think of it, but in the world of marketing, this is so not the case. A box is the packaging solution that forbears the very identity of a business, its ambiance, its quality, and the factor that builds customer trust in the brand itself. Consumer’s trust is something crucial for the brand’s survival.

 It is something that is the lifeblood of a business. Packaging is a key aspect of branding and the easiest most promising way for a business to become a prosperous one that compels the consumer into preferring its products over that of other brands.



The packaging solution always has to be honest about what it contains inside. The box should not depict images that could mislead the consumer into buying something that is not what it seems like. Numerous times, you will come across bags of crisps that are huge only to let you know the bag is not even half-full once you open it up. You would even find this sort of misleading packaging in the frozen goods section.



A frozen pizza you bought looks nice and bulky in the box but once opened, you would see how small it is, and the package was only built that way to fool you. Same goes with taking away foods. McDonald’s has been criticized again and again for selling food that is not even an inch of how it is depicted in its advertisements and photos. The result is a bitter customer who will go on option for other brands instead. The packaging of the product should be true to what is sealed inside the box.

A burger should be of a decent size and not a half portion of what it looks like on the box, and a bag of chips should contain a decent amount of chips in it. It is the honest packaging that will have the consumer feeling content and feeling like they got the worth of the money they spent.



The quality of the custom boxes and packaging will judge the quality of a product inside. A brand needs to stay relevant to its standard even in the packaging department. It makes no sense in selling away a $60 cake when the packaging has it squished and ruined in the delivery process. On the other hand, a wedding dress worth $1000 cannot be given away in a plastic bag.

To retain a happy customer, brands need to make certain efforts in the packaging department. The consumer today is hard to impress, and the smarter businesses are already adding the customization factor to their branding efforts so to make the customer feel like they are their home brand.

 A little good luck note in a luxurious box with a zip lock cover inside and perhaps a free tiara to go with the wedding dress should make the client feel so much more special than being served with a basic paper bag with the $1000 dress inside.

Woman Check Packaging quality

Packaging has to be reflective of what lies inside the box. If the product is a luxury good, the packaging should reflect that. If it is a perishable item, the packaging should be developed in a size that is relevant to the portion inside along with quality that is reflective of the goods inside.



A little customization goes a long way. Brands are now improving the packaging aspect of branding in a way; it makes the client feel like they are a part of the business itself. A brand can explore a whole new world in this aspect. A little flexibility goes a long way. Let us put some focus on the bestselling brand like Inglot Cosmetics. The brand is not as such innovative with its products. Do not get me wrong.

 The brand has some amazing products, but from the price aspect of things, it could be a little expensive compared to what the other brands in the market are offering. Inglot manages to break records in markets wherever it operates. It has better sales than industrial giants do like House of Etude. The reason behind this could be their customization option.


The brand lets you purchase its empty palettes and allows you to select your colors in the palette. The customized palettes have been attracting customers a lot more than other brands. Packaging should also take into account the needs of its clientele. A pack of rice should not be too hard to open to the point; the consumer rips it up spilling half the ingredients. A certain level of dedication and attention to the packaging should let the brand stand apart from the rest and gain customer loyalty.


Going Green

Consumers are very conscious of how they spend their money today. Owing to the numerous natural disasters that took many lives all across the globe, there is a drastic increase in consumer awareness regarding greenhouse effects. People are more interested in the packaging of a product more than ever. Plastic gets a pretty bad rep all across the globe and brands are competing in every way possible to go green owning to the change in the market trends.

In a world where everyone is keen to take a good look at every corner of a box of something as basic as chocolates, brands need to act more proactively and account for the changing demands. The use of biodegradable material in the packaging of items is wiser. Governing bodies are regulating the going green phenomenon, and if a brand does not lend out a helping hand in the momentum, it is bound to get shut down by the governing bodies.


 There have been countless established businesses who have been forced to shut down owing to strikes and governing bodies taking charge against their use of harmful packaging materials. A certain ISO certification logo on the packaging will help gain customer loyalty like never before. Being ISO Certified lets the consumer trust the brand more of being safe to buy from and of being a responsible business that acts consciously towards the environment.

Not only that, being ISO Certified pronounces the business of being authentic and true to the certification, and if not, the consumer knows that their complaints and objections will be accounted for since they have the legislation and statue of the country backing their claims.

Brand loyalty is what can make or break a brand. The success of a company in real terms is accounted for through counting the number of consumers it retains rather than how many new ones it attracted.

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