The pharmacy is renewed: a perfect combination of aesthetic and functionally of the spaces

To give strength to the unexpressed potential of the pharmacy, an architectural project is evaluated, capable of reflecting tastes, needs and enhancing services and products.

In the future of the pharmacy new objectives and a clear and transparent evolution can be glimpsed.

The social assistance aspect connotes the basic role of a pharmacy, and above all that to support the one who follows a specific therapy. However the design drawing of the pharmacy of the third millennium is outlined by a whole series of other elements.

The platform for the future considers decidedly new elements starting from the professional recognition of the pharmacist in terms of performance, going beyond the concept of selling the medicine.

The modern pharmacy must aim to make new drugs known, making itself useful in a path aimed at reducing hospitalization.

Experts consider that the pharmacy should be fully included in the group of basic territorial health facilities, living behind its marginal role.

The modernization of the pharmacy: reorganization of services, new furniture and design

Lately the role of the pharmacy has undergone constant evolution thanks to a new way of conceiving the customer reception structure.

In the pharmacy services have grown, the way to communicate and propose to meet the needs of customers.

For this reason, more and more often, to give strength to the unexpressed potential of the pharmacy, we evaluate the implementation of an architectural project capable of reflecting tastes and needs, but above all a design line that enhances the services and products selected with extreme care for customers.

A welcoming and functional environment allows to translate into reality the economic strategies that distinguish the income aspect of a pharmacy and of what, more and more often, wants to be considered much more than a simple commercial exercise.

As the experts of the group consider, restructuring the pharmacy does not only mean changing the appearance, but above all giving new impetus to the activity, encouraging services and communication.

Innovation starts from technical furnishings

The choice of design is a fundamental element as well as that of technical furnishings to support the activity.

Drawers for pharmacies, galenic laboratories, service cabins and sliding wardrobes are the elements through which you can start a new phase.

Moreover, the approach to retailing must undergo a radical change to the full success of the pharmacy.  Obviously we must take into consideration that the aesthetic sense and the functionality of the spaces will have to integrate perfectly.

Furthermore thanks to the use of magnetic covers, the old concept of the irremovability of surface coatings can be overcome. The new facilities can in fact be easily exploited and moved to customize according to the taste and needs of the pharmacist.

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