Smart Humidifiers and Other Smart Home Devices to make Your Indoor Air Quality Better

Is it possible to automate the air quality of your home? And why one would need to? Well, most if not all people spend around 90 percent of their time indoors, therefore air quality must be high on your preference list. The good news is that there are many indoor quality monitors available that are convenient as well as affordable for your home. As well most if not all can be controlled exactly from your smartphones. So creating a smart home is effortless than you can think.

Search for top indoor air quality products on Google, and you will find many reviews available on wi-fi dehumidifiers, wi-fi ACs, vacuums, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, and smarter indoor air quality devices available out there.

General Automation of Air Quality

Foobot is a company that offers one of the smallest indoor air quality monitors which can track and send you the information related to air quality to your smartphone. This air quality monitor checks for the necessary information such as airborne particles for instance humidity and dust, however, it also provides you information related to carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and other compounds such as formaldehyde. This compact and portable smart home device is hugely is popular among the people because it allows to track the indoor air quality and helps to keep healthy indoor environment over time.

Next in our consideration is another popular smart air quality monitor known as the Awair Glow Air Quality Monitor & Smart plug. Awair is capable of tests for humidity, temperature, as well as other compounds. However, it has some added features. It allows you to plug any standard indoor air quality product (such as a humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, space heater, room air conditioner, space heater, and even ordinary home lamp). You only need to plug in the device into this smart plug in order to schedule your Air conditioner or air purifier to run during a particular period of time or to use Eco-Motion feature that turns it on whenever it detects motion.

Besides this, you can also set your air purifier device to turn on if air quality approaches to the pre-set level. Search for the reviews of Awair Glow.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

In addition to this, Wi-Fi thermostats also make you able to control the temperature inside your home from anywhere. You can also receive other updates, check local weather, program the indoor temperature and more with these thermostats.

Other Home Products that Can be Accessed on Wi-Fi

  1. 1. Wi-Fi enabled Air Conditioner:
  2. Wi-Fi empowered Crawl Space Dehumidifier:
  3. Wi-Fi empowered Air Purifiers:
  4. Wi-Fi enabled Heater
  5. Wi-Fi empowered Vacuum Cleaners.

Let us discuss them briefly;

Wi-Fi enabled Air Conditioner:

Select portable Air Conditioners can be controlled from any place, and even some window Air Conditioners can be turned on before you reach home by using Wi-Fi connectivity. Like this, MR COOL and Pioneer mini-splits can also be converted into Wi-Fi ACs as well. Most if not all mini-split Air Conditioners have heat and they can be used whole year.

Wi-Fi empowered Crawl Space Dehumidifier: 

Santa Fe launched its very first Wi-Fi enabled dehumidifier with new Advance100 model. It is made in the United States and builds for harsh environments. Wi-Fi allows you to check it without heading down by yourself.

Wi-Fi empowered Air Purifiers:

Various reliable brands such as Blueair and Coway make quality air purifiers which you can control from any place. Check for the most popular Wi-Fi air purifiers by googling Best Wi-Fi air purifiers reviews.

Wi-Fi enabled Heater:

Crane released a smart infrared heater which is also Wi-Fi connected. It is a powerful heater which uses infrared heat technology in order to direct the warm heat. You can find many Wi-Fi heaters on Amazon. Check their reviews now.

Wi-fi empowered Vacuum Cleaners

Like the popular EcoCacs robotic vacuum, there are many automatic vacuum cleaners that automatically clean your rooms. Guests coming out of the blue? Set a Wi-Fi enabled vacuum cleaner to begin working right from your smartphone.


To conclude I would like to add that, indeed it is possible to automate the quality of air inside your home by using new smart devices or devices that can be accessed through Wi-Fi. It is 2018, and it is an era of IoT that is the internet of things. And the reason why one needs such devices, most if not all individuals spend the almost whole day inside their home, so the act of making air quality better, must be high on your list of essential errands. Fortunately, there are numerous indoor quality screens and monitors that are helpful and quite affordable for your families. Making use of Smart home devices such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers can allow you to make your things a bit easier if you are one of those individuals engaged in hectic lifestyles.

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