Tips to Reduce Weight Safely During Pregnancy

Increase in weight during pregnancy is a common thing. Our parents, especially mother and mother in law behave so caringly during this special case. They become extra conscious of our diet. They add lots of butter, ghee, and milk in our diet, which makes the weight growth very fast. An increase in some weight is good in pregnancy, but a rapid and uncontrolled weight gain can raise the problems during pregnancy. Overweight can be a big reason behind the complications during delivery.

This is the reason why doctors monitor your weight during your pregnancy. Your weight gain file contains all the details of your weight gain progress with other tests. This history helps them to monitor and control the weight at the right time to avoid complications. Managing weight is not that easy in normal conditions and it becomes very hard to manage it during pregnancy. You cannot do hard workouts in these nine months as you have to protect your baby inside you.  Still, there are lots of things that you can perform to solve the problem of extra weight gain during pregnancy.

Follow the below mentioned safe tips to reduce your weight during pregnancy:


  • Safe exercises for at least half an hour daily: in the case when a lady with extra weight conceives a baby unexpectedly, then it becomes quite difficult to maintain the weight with a baby bump. Extra weight is a sign of several health issues. This is a fact that pregnancy symptoms become more painful in case of extra weight. Female are mostly afraid of practicing weight reducing exercises during pregnancy as they are worried it can harm their baby. Their fear is obvious, but not completely right. Weight reducing exercises during pregnancy are available. But you should practice them under the guidance of experts or trainers.  Several pregnancy programs are running to spread awareness with the motive of healthy baby birth and better maternal health. You can join these programs. These programs will assist you with important information on weight management. They will also assist you with safe exercises under the supervision of experienced staff.
  • Cut down the intake of extra calories: The intake of calories in excess quantity than required leads to rapid weight gains. Make sure during reducing calories you don’t neglect the intake of calories. Do not avoid nutritious items and veggies from your diet plan. The consumption of approx 1500 to 1700 calories daily is quiet enough to give the required energy for your fitness and your baby’s growth. You must replace cold drinks and artificial juices with pure water. You must replace the pizzas, burgers, noodles with fresh veggies and fruits. We all know that a pregnant lady feels more hunger than a normal situation and also she becomes choosy for any specific food type as it is also a symptom of pregnancy.  If you want to gain weight, then it is okay, but if you are already overweight then it is going to be trouble for you. Control on calories can be the best and safest way to manage your weight with a baby bump.
  • Sleeping schedule: Never sleep immediately after having your meal. Holding a baby bump and doing daily activities can make you tired very soon. You must set your sleeping time, as sleeping too much can also lead a problem of weight gain. You can take a short nap at noon to relax and sleep properly at night. You can use pregnancy body pillows for a comfortable sleep. Best pregnancy body pillows are available at very reasonable prices and their output is unbelievable.
  • Reduce fat from your food: Consumption of fat in rich quantity is good when we do hard workouts, for example, gym, sports activities and more. In normal condition, extra fat can be dangerous for us and in pregnancy, it can play a terrible role in raising critical conditions. You can replace butter, ghee and more with olive oil. Eat baked food, then fried. This is the safest way to maintain your weight during pregnancy.
  • Be strict on your meal timings:  Skipping meals and eating more at a single time is also a reason for weight gain. A balanced diet is important for a balanced weight. During pregnancy, you must eat smaller portions of food and you can eat 4 to 5 times a day. It will support better digestion and you will stay free from the heartburn, acidity and other similar problems.
  • Walk after having your meal: Everybody who doesn’t do any exercise in his daily routine must walk. We can take a walk while enjoying the chat with our friend or neighbor. The walk is very important for a pregnant lady after every meal. You don’t need to walk for a longer period, a half an hour walk is after a meal is enough. If you are pregnant, don’t depend on anyone else for your routine work. Your physical movement is very important for your fitness during pregnancy; it is also supportive in case of a normal delivery. You must avoid heavy exercises just like pushups, sit-ups, and weight lifting. These types of exercises can lead to some major health issues to both of you.

To avoid suffering from unwanted conditions practice exercises under the guidance of trained people. If you feel any uncommon changes during or after exercise practice such as breath shortness, chest pain, painful contractions, bleeding, Dizziness, and more stop practicing exercise immediately. Before you raise any step towards weight management, take the advice of your gynecologist.

A comfortable pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery is the right of every lady and it depends on you only. Your eating, sleeping, and routine habits will decide your weight, and weight will decide your comfort. If you have money, then you can buy several artificial products for your comforts such as body pillows, eye bands, acupressure mats, and more. But you cannot buy a healthy baby with your money. For the good health of your baby, you have to control your habits. Small compromises are nothing in front of having a healthy baby in your arms.

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