There are innumerable techniques for clearing clogged pores that guarantee to be the best available in the market. Lately, the ultrasonic skin scraping spatula has been added to that rundown.


eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scraping Spatula is a little and portable hand-held gadget that vibrates ultrasonically. Not at all like other cleaning strategies, you may pursue from online sources, the ultrasonic skin scrubber vibrates up to 30,000 Hz, making it more effective and compelling.


Skin spatulas work in two different ways: By utilizing ultrasonic vibrations to shed the skin and draw out abundance oils and pollution, and point sliding over the skin to gather up what you’ve separated.


You can use it together with other products as it’s likewise intended to make your most loved healthy skin serums enter your skin all the more profoundly for greatest retention and viability. With steady and moderate use, you can treat the following skin issues with an ultrasonic spatula:


Clogged Pores


Pores are basically an unavoidable truth: regardless of how on-point your skincare routine, you’ll presumably encounter augmented or obstructed pores in your lifetime.


“Skin spatulas can be used to apply skincare products or to unclog pores.”, Dr. Jessica Wu says. eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scraping Spatula are joined with ultrasound vibrations, which help slacken cosmetics, oil, and soil from pores, while the spatula segment rub away trash and dead skin.


Blackheads and Whiteheads


eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scraping Spatula removes blackheads better than facial cleansers alone. It uses new innovation to free your skin of pimples through profound purging, which thusly takes into consideration better supplement retention when you apply your healthy skin items.


Ordinary skin chemicals take a shot at the surface, however, they can’t enter the pores, which can result in your skin getting to be clogged with dirt that causes blackheads.


Dry, Flaky Skin


On the off chance that you battle with stopped up pores and blackheads, you could likewise consider using ultrasonic skin scraping spatula to keep your pores free from dead skin and sebum. Peeling more than once week by week will likewise keep clogged pores from working up.


Dull Skin Tone and Uneven Texture


Use eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scraping spatula to create a healthy complexion of your skin. With this skincare tool, you will not only achieve a clean and blackheads-free skin but also a fairer and more balanced skin tone.

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