Best Flea Bomb

PrecorPlusFogger (aka Flea Bomb) – 3 x 3 oz. cans This product has the capability of killing fleas almost immediately. The Permethrin present in the product has the potential to wipe away all of the fleas from your home. Precor IGR present in this product… Read More

Best Fruit Fly Trap

FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap One of our favorite fly trap is FlyFix. It is very simple to use and make perfect funnel to capture the flies. FlyFix is on its way to patenting the design, however it outshines its competitors. After leaving it on kitchen… Read More

Best Rat Poison

Tomcat Rat Killer II It is the best bromethalin based rat poison that comes with rat bait station. Tomcat is a well-known brand and trusted for always delivering quality products. As mentioned above, bromethalin is a new type of method. Before this anticoagulants were used… Read More