Best Fruit Fly Trap

FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap One of our favorite fly trap is FlyFix. It is very simple to use and make perfect funnel to capture the flies. FlyFix is on its way to patenting the design, however it outshines its competitors. After leaving it on kitchen… Read More

Best Rat Trap

Tomcat Rats Snap Trap Tomcat is the best rat trap for those who want an effective yet cheap way to rid rats by killing them. As this is a mechanical type, beware that it isn’t any humane way to kill the rats. It works by… Read More

Best Acrylic Paint

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints Classic Theory Color Mixing Set (Artist Grade) Golden Heavy Body acrylic paint is best for those looking for an-all round perfect artist grade paints however are willing to pay premium for it. It comes with 8 colors 2 oz tubes… Read More