3 Types of Professional Drone Services

As drones become more widely accessible, their application is being seen across more and more industries. Many professional media companies have turned to drone photography and videography as an innovative way to present products and services, but drones have a number of useful applications in real estate marketing that you might not know about.


Along with their cinematic offerings, some drones are also equipped with data and aerial mapping technologies, which can be particularly useful for real estate agents and potential home buyers. So, how can you find the right drone service for your unique needs? Read on as we break down the different ways aerial videography and other cutting-edge applications can change the game for your business.


1.   Drone Photography


Still images are the standard when it comes to listing your house or apartment on the market, so why not make your photographs stand out from the crowd with drone technology? Aerial photography provides potential home buyers with a view or feature of the home that might not be visible from the ground level. Drones can be particularly useful when it comes to showcasing large properties and luxury homes that are on expansive lots in hilly or wooded neighborhoods. These incredible photos can be achieved with the use of integrated features such as automatic point-of-interest camera targeting, which allows buyers to examine key property features. With drone photography, you can highlight the very best features of your home, indoors and outdoors.


2.   Drone Videography


Impress potential home buyers with a professionally-rendered real estate video that will take them on a virtual tour of the property that can even outdo an in-person viewing. Drone videography services can create ultra-high-definition images to highlight every incredible inch of your amazing home. But what’s the difference between seeing a video of a property and seeing pictures? The value of drone videography is that it allows you to craft the experience of the viewer, taking them through the property with cinematic elements like fly-bys, close-ups, 360 panoramas, aerial views of the surrounding area, and slow-zoom of areas you would like to feature.


3.   Aerial Maps and Data


In an increasingly digital world, easy access to fast data is essential to selling your home to the right buyer in an efficient manner. Photos and videos that display all the benefits of your particular property are great, but today’s homebuyers want to know that they’re investing in the right area as well. This means your listing will need to feature all the wonderful aspects that are right outside your front door, such as mountain vistas, ocean waves, or lively downtown attractions.


Sounds like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? You might be surprised to discover that drones make this element of the real estate market a breeze with state-of-the-art aerial mapping and data technology. Drones can be used to provide accurate distance measurements to determine your location’s proximity to nearby points of interest, while providing an interactive map of an area.


From aerial mapping to drone videography to creating interactive maps, there are endless benefits to the use of drone technology, which is why so many real estate businesses have sought out their services. Contact a professional media company that offers a variety of drone services to help your business get its listing off the ground today.

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