4 Benefits of Home Adopters’ “Sell My House for Cash” Program

Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful and difficult process. Between finding a real estate agent, considering repairs and maintenance, and determining the right asking price in a crowded market, it can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, our “Sell My House for Cash” Program offers an innovative solution for homeowners, making the home selling process as fast and efficient as possible. You can trust us to sell your home for cash fast without any hidden fees and without the hassle of finding a moving company.

1.  Guaranteed Sale in 7 Days


The process of selling a home can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years depending on a variety of factors. How fast you can sell your house is often determined by the location of your property, the status of the housing market, and even the time of year. Did you know that the average house sits on the market for over two months before it sells? If you don’t have that kind of time to wait, then our home buying program might be right for you. Regardless of the condition of your home or fluctuations and recessions in the market, we guarantee that we can sell your home within one week, giving back precious time to your busy life.

2.  $15,000 Cash Advance


Another major inconvenience homeowners must face when considering selling their home is the cost associated with moving. This can include hiring a moving crew, renting storage facilities, paying for travel expenses like hotels and food, not to mention the price tag that comes with setting up your new home. All of these costs can add up quickly. To alleviate some of this financial stress, Home Advance provides homeowners with a $15,000 cash advance, no matter the selling price of your home.


3.  Free Moving Services


Hiring a professional moving crew can be a real headache when you’re already exhausted from listing your home, showing it to potential buyers, and negotiating with real estate agents for a fair payment. The cost of a professional moving service can vary from about $1,200 for a studio apartment to $6,500 and beyond for the average three-bedroom home, based on the weight of your possessions, the distance you will be traveling, the size of the vehicle needed to accommodate all of your belongings, and the number of workers you will need to hire. You can avoid handling these calculations altogether by choosing our “Sell My Home for Cash” Program, which provides free moving services to all homeowners our team of professionals delivers quality packing and moving services at no cost, so you can keep more money in your pocket.

4.  No Fees


Depending on where you live and the sale price of your house, real estate agents usually make a commission of about 5 – 6% on your home. Paired with home inspection fees, staging expenses, closing costs, capital gains, and property taxes, you might begin to wonder if selling your house will actually put you in the red. We are committed to providing homeowners with the most efficient, streamlined process for selling their home, which is why you won’t see any additional fees when you choose Home Adopters.

Selling Your Home is Easy with Home Adopters


At Home Adopters, we believe selling your home should be an exciting and liberating process, not an expensive hassle. With our “Sell My Home for Cash” Program, you can sell your home as quickly as possible while securing free moving services, $15,000 to help set up your new home, and zero hidden fees. Contact one of our friendly associates today and experience the new era of home selling

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