4 Criterion That Our Real Estate Agent Finder Uses to Find the Best for You

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, the first step to success is finding a local real estate agent. But with so many options to choose from, how can you find the right person for your unique needs? At Home Adopters, we offer an innovative real estate agent finder tool that pairs users with the most qualified agents based on a set of four essential criteria. Below is a list of the four key traits our screening system uses when examining the qualifications of local real estate agents.

1.   Knowledgeable and Experienced


When you’re selling your home or looking to move into a new area, insider knowledge is crucial to getting a fair price. A qualified real estate agent will have ample experience buying and selling homes in your location of choice, offering invaluable information about the current market, neighborhoods, school districts, and more. These agents are also well-acquainted with local regulations and can quickly summarize the pros and cons of an area, saving you precious time that would otherwise be spent conducting hours of research.

2.   Detail-Oriented


One essential quality of an effective real estate agent is his or her attention to detail. You want a representative who is always working with your best interests in mind, from examining minor contract stipulations to providing clear and organized documents. A detail-oriented agent will also be able to improve the sale-ability of your home if you are looking to list your property on the market or negotiate the best asking price if you’re ready to buy a home.

3.   Proactivity and Persistent


A proactive real estate agent is someone who always has an eye on the housing market, searching for trends and new opportunities. They are persistent, constantly marketing their clients’ properties by calling prospective buyers, ensuring that the home is listed in multiple locations, and showing the property regularly. When you choose a proactive agent, you can expect to stay informed throughout the entire process because timely communication will always be a priority.

4.  Honest and Open


It can feel almost impossible to get a straight answer when it comes to buying or selling a home, which is why many people dread having to find a real estate agent. However, with Home Adopters, one of our top criteria when it comes to pairing users with agents is honesty and openness. We screen local agents to ensure that they are dedicated to providing the best experience to their clients and that they hold themselves to high professional ethical standards. The best agents will be able to give you clear expectations so there’s no guesswork when it comes to determining the sale price, the timing of a sale, and more.

Trust Home Adopters to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You


At Home Adopters, it’s our mission to provide the best experience to homeowners, which starts with our real estate agent finding tool. Search from hundreds of options to locate the most qualified agent for your unique home buying and selling needs.

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