4 Killer Mistakes To Avoid In Your Septic Tank

Are you experiencing constant issues in your septic tank? The tank is blocked, and you are spending several dollars in repair. Each month a plumber must come to your home to fix it. No doubt, non-functional septic systems can be a cause of worry. It will affect your home comfort as sewage starts to ooze out.

While there might be other causes, you and your kin can be the central problem. You might not be taking care of the septic tank, or your habits are unhealthy. If you want to have smooth working septic tanks, here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Septic Tank

Inappropriate garbage disposal

Despite many warnings on the garbage disposal, people never hid to the call. You will find someone flushing greasy elements and food particles down the drain. This inappropriate garbage disposal not only causes clogging on the sink but also impacts your septic tank. The food particles and the remaining greasy material flow to the septic through the drain.

With excess food waste on this tank, an imbalance occurs. The bacteria responsible for breaking down waste can no longer handle the task efficiently. In the end, your septic tank overflows, or you get a clogging issue.

In some cases, the tank may suffer permanent damage requiring you to hire a plumber like Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company to construct a new one. So, mind your garbage disposal habits to save your septic system.

Letting solid elements flow through the toilet

No doubt, what you flush in your toilet ends up in the septic tank. The tank is the meeting point for sink and toilet wastes.

Many people make the mistake of pushing what did not go through the sink to the toilet. You will find someone flushing papers, diapers, sanitary pads, and other solids through the toilet. Such elements end in the septic tank.

When there, they impact the bacteria balance. These bacteria cannot break down such materials. You can save your septic by avoiding this behavior. Only let septic-friendly elements go through the toilet. Otherwise, expect to pay expensively for your rowdy habits by hiring Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company and other plumbers.

Assuming septic tank warning signs

Like other plumbing issues, your septic tank will display warning signs. It will show you that things are not going well inside the tank. For instance, you will notice a bad smell coming from the area. Sometimes, eye-catching grass will sprout around the area due to the leaking water and waste. You will also notice a change in the flow of the water down the drain.

Some people will assume such signs. Do not be one of them. Instead, always pay attention to slight signs on your septic systems.

Ineffective drain system management

How you treat your drainage system is essential in maintaining your hygiene. The septic tank is a central pillar in these systems. It is the point where filtering and wastewater treatment happens. If you mismanage it, you will likely mix your groundwater with the wastewater. In other cases, a flow back of wastewater will occur.

So, to keep your septic tank solid and working efficiently, avoid these killer mistakes.

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