5 After Effects Of Using Meth

Crystal meth is quite a unique drug. It can hype one in no time. Meth is one of the most lethal drugs there is in the market. Many of those who are hooked up to meth are termed as lost causes but that is only because they have not visited Ambrosia drug rehab center and see how they spin addicts to respectable people in the society. I believe that all hope is not lost for them actually as redemption is only a click away. Here are some of the effects of meth on your body.

Drug Rehab

  1. Loss of appetite

Meth has a way to mess with the body and create a sense of complete comfort. This way it robs of all the appetite for any food even your favorite food. This may explain why many of those who are on meth will lose their weight faster than they can count. With low appetite, it means that your body’s immune system will be very weak as your body is generally weak by itself.

  1. Malnutrition

After the loss of appetite what is imply next in that chain is malnutrition. After all, there is no intake of nutrients that will sustain your body. Malnutrition means a weak body both physically and in your immune system. A weak immune system means that you are vulnerable to any disease that comes your way.

  1. Respiratory problems

Meth leaves one vulnerable to respiratory problems especially when it is smoked. Meth can be taken in two forms either through injection or when smoked. It lodges to the lungs and it takes a toll on the health. Respiratory problems plus a weak immune system leaves one even more vulnerable to cancer of the throat and the lungs.

  1. Brain damage

Just like any other drug in the market Meth messes with the brain. The fact that it is a very strong drug means that it gets to the blood and to the brain very fast. This is why its rate of absorption is almost 90%. Getting into the bloodstream means that it will make its way to the brain very quickly. The rate of brain damage from meth is twice as much as that of some other drugs. This causes retardation and memory loss at a very fast rate. Ambrosia drug rehab has actually found a way to ensure a wholesome recovery for meth addicts. They maximize on delivering a good mind, an emotionally stable person and a physically fit person to the community. Thanks to their professionalism and equipment.

Drug Rehab

  1. Convulsions and seizures

A perfectly healthy person can be turned into a sickly human being with episodes of convulsions and seizures. This means that it messes with the body’s nervous system. Heart attacks are also not a new thing for meth addicts. Meth will mess with the whole system which will leave me wondering why anyone would ever consider taking meth. I have seen some pretty terrifying pictures of people before and after they got hooked onto meth.

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