5 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Kayak Carts, Wheels, and Trolleys

If you own a kayak, chances are you’re well aware that getting your kayak and accessories down to the water is no easy feat. When you’re looking for the a top kayak carts, wheels and trolleys, it’s best to look at all factors and make an informed decision.



Most trolleys come with a solid metal frame fabricated from aluminum, steel, or other metal materials. It is crucial to consider whether the trolley is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be transported and stored with ease.

The wheels should be heavy and stable enough to even glide over uneven terrain. Ideally, they should maintain an even air pressure even after multiple uses, so you don’t have to pump air into the wheels constantly.


Many kayak carts and trolleys have versatile designs that let you use them for whatever type of kayak you own. Different trolleys may also have different weight capacities depending on the design and material. It can go up to 250 pounds. 

There are also specially designed carts for specific kayaks that are not ideal for other brands or models. You have to make sure that the cart you end up buying is compatible with the kayak you already own. 

Many carts also come with storage bags that allow you to disassemble and store them within the bags for easy transportation and convenience.


Most top kayak carts, wheels, and trolleys are available in different variants and have budget-friendly options. Premium metal finishes such as corrosion-resistant aluminum, and heavy grade steel may tend to cost more, but they also end up being more durable in the long term.

Type of Kayak You Own

If you have a smaller model, it does not make sense for you to get a heavy-grade steel kayak cart that can carry significantly larger units. However, if you own a larger sports kayak, you have to invest in a cart that can support the weight and size of your kayak.


Not all kayak carts and wheels are meant to be carted on all types of terrain. To make sure your wheels are ideal for any terrain, make sure they are made of thick rubber, have an extra wide width for better stability, and have a good grip.

For hard and uneven terrain, thick and hard wheels are suitable, whereas soft terrain such as sand is better for inflatable wheels or wheels filled with foam. 

You can also look into whether the seller offers a limited warranty on the kayak accessories you’re planning to buy in case it does not hold the weight capacity or has a product malfunction.

Get the Top Kayak Carts, Wheels, and Trolleys for Your Kayak

To complete the last mile of your trip, when you need to transport your kayak to the water, use a kayak cart or trolley to make it simpler and more efficient and save you the burden and energy it would take to transport it manually.

While it can be challenging to select which kayak cart is right for your kayak, looking and comparing between these factors should allow you to reach the perfect decision when buying a kayak cart.

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