5 Secrets for Better Oral Care Revealed

The state of your oral health offers major clues about your overall well-being. Any problems in the mouth can have a direct effect on your entire body. Poor dental hygiene may contribute to many ailments, including endocarditis, pneumonia, and other cardiovascular diseases. So it is necessary to practice proper oral care to help improve your health and allow you to flash the biggest smile possible.

Proper oral hygiene should start from childhood. However, even adults need to learn how to take care of their dental health to ensure that their teeth and gums remain as strong and healthy as possible. Here are several tried and tested tips for taking care of your oral health.

Oral Care Revealed

Tip #1: Floss Before Brushing

One of the first things taught by dentists to children about oral hygiene is to floss after brushing. But according to a study published by the American Academy of Periodontology, it would be better to use your floss before brushing your teeth.

The study claimed that flossing before the actual brushing procedure could boost the fluoride concentration of the toothpaste. It can also lessen the chances of incurring cavities and bad breath. This practice can also help in preventing gum diseases. While the study mentioned that flossing at least once a day can be sufficient for your oral care routine, doing it twice a day can provide the best results.

Tip #2: Ditch the Soda 

Fizzy drinks like soda may be refreshing, but drinking it can be bad for your oral health.

Soda contains two key ingredients – citric acid and phosphoric acid. These components provide the signature “bite” to the drink. However, it also harms the tooth enamel because of the acids. So while occasionally drinking a can of soda will not hurt, too much of this fizzy drink can make your teeth more prone to cavities. If you want something flavourful to drink, you may add sliced fruits or mint leaves to your water instead.

Tip #3: Limit Sugar Intake

Everyone knows that too much sugar consumption can be harmful to the body, especially to your teeth. It is because it attracts the growth of bacteria and increases acidity in the mouth. As a result, your teeth will acquire plaque buildup, making your gums and teeth weaker.

If you want to avoid cases of tooth decay, you need to reduce your daily sugar intake. You may also floss and brush your teeth after every meal to wash away the sugar in your mouth.

Tip #4: Curb Your Smoking Habits 

Cigarettes are one of the greatest hindrances to proper dental care. The tar and nicotine present in every stick can cause major discoloration to your teeth and affect the gum tissues. It also causes plaque and bacteria buildup along the gum line.

If you do not quit smoking, the damaged tissue can weaken the bone that holds the teeth. It will eventually lead to tooth loss. Most importantly, smoking is one of the leading causes of oral cancer. So kick the smoking habit right away.

Tip #5: Visit Your Dentist Regularly

A lot of people neglect to pay a visit to their dentist for various reasons. Some of them have a hectic schedule, while others are simply afraid of their dentist. However, visiting dental health experts at least twice a year can significantly reduce gum diseases and tooth decay.

Aside from providing treatments, your dentist will also share their recommendations about the best product that you can use to properly take care of your teeth. They will also help you understand more about the best ways to care for your oral health.

Caring for your teeth and gums is imperative for your overall health and well-being. You must never skimp on your dental health if you want to enjoy your pearly whites throughout your adult years.

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