5 Tips to Do Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions Like a Pro

If you want to be a professional lash stylist and make perfect cat eye eyelash extensions, then you will certainly be interested to know how to make your work even better. Read about it in our material.

  • Pay attention to the eye shape of the clients

Cat eye eyelash extensions are the optimal solution for girls with round eyes. This beauty procedure visually extends the corners of the eyes and gives them a beautiful shape. 

This type of extensions is also ideal for clients with downturned eyes: it can visually lift the corners of the eyes up.

In addition, pay attention to the direction of the lashes growth: it will help you to find the perfect scheme that will harmoniously fits into your clients’ look.

eye makeup

  • Make sure that natural eyelashes are not damaged by the extensions

We do not recommend using too many artificial eyelashes if the natural ones are too thin. Too much weight on the eyelashes will have a negative impact on their health: weakening and causing them to fall more quickly.

In addition, pay attention to the choice of the material you use for this procedure. The best cat eye eyelash extensions are available on the website of a Canadian brand LashStorePro. Here you will find the best consumables that TOP Canadian Lashmakers prefer to work with.

  • Ask clients as many questions as possible during consultations

Ask them what kind of extensions they consider as perfect. This will help you choose the correct length, thickness and curve, as well as the appropriate scheme for this beauty procedure.

  • Always consider the lifestyle of your clients

Volume extensions will not be a perfect option for those clients who live active lives. The same applies to office workers with a dress code.

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In this case, cat eye is a sort of compromise between classics and volume extensions: it looks dramatic enough, but it does not interfere with sports and harmoniously fits into the image of any businesswoman.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

Use different lengths, thicknesses and curls to create a perfect image for each girl.

We’re all different, so it would be wrong to suggest the same scheme for everyone.

After all, the goal of any extensions is to make girls even more beautiful and happier.

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