5 Unusual First-Time Pets For Families

Looking for a family pet can be extremely exciting and fun. Have you thought beyond dogs and cats though? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for either four-legged companion as a first-time family pet, but have you considered other, more unusual animals and exotic species that are out there? Here are five of the more unusual first-time pets for families, and you may be surprised how many of them are easy to look after and care for. 

Care for unusual pets

Every animal here is different, and so all will have specific care needs. That’s not to say they’ll be expensive or require any more time and attention, but you’ll need to be aware of what looking after them entails when you research and decide whether they’re right for you or not. A reliable and decent vet’s surgery, such as heartandpaw.com, will always be able to offer help and support for any new pet owners who need advice.

Pets For Families

But what usual pets can you choose from? Let’s look at this in more detail.  


Rodents can make ideal pets for beginners. In this family of animals, there are species like guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, and, of course, rats. They’re easy to care for and handle. Of all of these, it’s the guinea pig that has the longest life and experiences the least health issues. Don’t be scared of rats either – domesticated rats are super clean by nature, and their cages rarely smell.  

  1. Exotic birds

How about something like a parakeet? In this family of birds, there are a variety of sizes, which make them ideal for first-time pet owners. They all have unique personalities and can be very fun to look after and live with. The average lifespan of a bird (like a parakeet) is anything from ten to forty years. 

  1. Reptiles

Reptiles make awesome first pets for inquisitive kids and parents. They don’t need lots of space and believe it or not, don’t need feeding every single day. They’re calm and quiet and easy to handle too. Again, like exotic birds, reptiles can have long and healthy lives – with many living for up to twenty years, so they can become part of the family for a long time.

  1. Exotic fish

Setting up an aquarium is much easier and more fun than you might think, as is choosing some exotic fish to go into it. Species such as goldfish make ideal first-time pets. They require cold water aquariums, but you can also look at species that need heated aquariums too, like guppies or swordtails. They’re easy to feed and take care of and provide a bright sweep of colour flashing through the water that delights children and adults alike. 

  1. Turtles

Last but by no means least is the turtle. For a beginner, think about a painted turtle, a red-eared slider, or a box turtle. Another pet that tends to have a long life, they do require a larger living space but offer a lot of pleasure and a long term, but easy commitment. They’re very fun companions and are not a great deal of hassle to look after, either.

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