5 Ways Signage Can Boost Your Business

Physical signage is an essential part of traditional marketing, and many business owners and even marketing experts believe that traditional advertising is dead and completely unnecessary today. However, although this in some aspects may be true when it comes to outdoor business signs and similar signage solutions, traditional marketing and branding are here to stay. Even if you have a fantastic digital marketing strategy for your store or business, signage can only further complement your advertising efforts. Here are five ways how well-designed signage can boost your business.

Signage Puts Newspaper Advertising to Shame

Advertising in some local newspapers may be a great way to boost your local presence. However, on-site signage is monetarily equivalent to being advertised in the papers every day during the entire year. When you compare the costs, you will see that signage is much more cost-effective. It is a fact that you need to invest in a good sign only once.

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It’s Chump Change for You

Do you know how much a single on-site sign cost you per view? According to advertising experts, it’s only two pennies per 1,000 views. Do you think 1,000 people checking out your sign is worth it? Definitely yes! Also, compare this with the cost of pay-per-click campaigns and similar modern advertising solutions. We are not saying signage is better than digital marketing, but only that it can bring you almost as many benefits as specific costly online advertising strategies.

Locals See Your Sign Up Twice Per Day

According to experts, the majority of your customers live within five miles of your establishment. This means that the average person that doesn’t necessarily have to be your customer sees your sign between 50 and 60 times per month. When you think about it, that is a lot of free advertising and a great way to reach out to your local targeted audience. The people who see your signs often maybe don’t need your services at the moment, but since the image of your brand name (sign) is engraved in their memory, they will definitely think of you as soon as they need some of the services you offer.

If you don’t have a sign, people simply won’t notice you. Research shows that 35% of people don’t have any idea where a business is located if it lacks signage. What would you think about a company without a business sign? Does it look professional or serious? Most likely, you may mix it with some private property and simply think it has nothing to offer you. The fact is that people won’t dig out to find information about your business, they will simply look for another company. It’s your job to provide this information to potential customers and convince them that your firm is the right choice for their needs.

Bigger Store Signs Equal Bigger Profits

If you already have a business sign, but you are thinking about getting a new one, we recommend getting a bigger one. Research shows that getting a bigger sing may increase your sales by up to 8%. So, we can say that size really matters. Of course, this is not the only factor you should consider. Above all, your sign should be well-designed, and it must convey a clear message. Signage can boost our business, but if you are not very careful, it can also drag it into the ground. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup, small business or a major corporation, people have to know who you are, where you are and what you do. Getting that sign up can ensure everyone in your local community knows who you are and recognize your brand.

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