5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Taking Care of Your Sick Kids

As a parent, you will have your work cut out for you when your children are down with the flu, cough, or colds. You have to ensure they drink their medications on time. You will also need to put in extra effort in preparing dishes and snacks that they will eat and will help alleviate some of their symptoms.

You will also be busy running around to provide comfort to your kids as they experience various types of discomfort brought about by their fever, cough, or colds.

Since you will be taking on more work as you nurse your kids back to health, the last thing you want to happen is to catch the bug your little ones have.

Keeping a supply of the most prescribed cough medicine for children and adults is the best way to ensure you won’t get sick yourself while taking care of your ailing kids. By giving your kids the right medication, they will get better faster.

With the correct medications at hand, you can also take the prescribed dosage immediately when you start feeling the first symptoms of the flu, cough, or colds.

You can also ensure you will stay healthy and in top form as you take care of your sick little ones by following the tips below:

  1. Designate a quarantine area

Although your sick kids can’t go to school or outside your home, it doesn’t mean they should have the run of the house either.

While your children are still down with fever, cough, or colds, ask them to stay in their bedrooms. Limit their visits to other areas of your home, especially the kitchen. Tell them to avoid going to the rooms of their siblings as well.

Even if this means extra work on your part since you will be bringing your kids’ meals and anything else they need to their bedrooms, you will limit exposure to their illness. Additionally, you will prevent them from spreading their virus or germs inside your home.

This, in turn, will help you avoid catching your kids’ bug and stay in top condition as you take care of them.

2. Restrict sharing

When you have sick family members, one of the first rules you have to impose is No Sharing.

While your kids are down with the flu, cough, or colds, tell them to avoid sharing anything. These include cutlery, cups and drinking glasses, towels, and any item that touches their eyes, nose, and mouth. This rule should also cover nasal sprays and thermometers.

If your children need to share something such as a cup or toy, make sure you wash the item thoroughly before letting the next person touch or use it.

3. Limit close contact with your sick kids

Comforting your kids with hugs and kisses is something that you are likely to do if they are feeling miserable. Although this practice will soothe and reassure your little ones, you have to know that it is not a good thing to do.

When you cuddle or kiss your sick kids on the mouth, you increase the chances of getting their virus. As such, if you want to stay in tiptop shape to take care of your children, limit your close contact with them.

If you want to soothe or calm your ailing kids with as little contact as possible, stroke their hair, rub their back, blow them kisses, or say “I love you” to them more often.

4. Make disinfecting your home a priority

While your children are sick, you will have to clean your home more often. This is because the germs and viruses your kids have will linger on doorknobs, faucets, surfaces, and all items they touch.

To avoid picking up these germs and viruses, clean anything that your sick kids touched as soon as possible. Wipe down surfaces using a sponge or clean cloth with water, soap, and bleach or any disinfecting product. If you have young kids, make sure you wipe down all the toys they hold or touch as well.

You can also use bleach-based or disinfectant sprays or wipes; however, make sure these products do not touch your clothes and other fabrics.

5. Keep your hands clean and germ-free

Keeping your hands clean is always an excellent practice to follow. And if your kids are sick at home, you need to make this habit a priority since this is one of the best cough prevention tips you have to remember.

Washing your hands frequently will significantly reduce your chances of catching your children’s cold and other viral ailments. However, you have to do it correctly. This means using soap and following the recommended hand washing techniques.

Additionally, rub a moisturizing, alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your hands after washing with water. This will kill any germs that soap may have left behind.

As a bonus tip, make sure you take care of yourself as you look after your sick kids. Even if you are taking on more duties and chores, make sure to eat nutritious food, and try to get enough sleep every day. By doing so, you will resist illnesses better. You will be in excellent condition to nurse your children back to health as well. 

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