6 Essential Survival Tips for Working as a Freelancer

It’s easy to see the appeal in freelance work from the outside. Many of us dream of having a greater degree of control over our lives, being able to maintain a healthier work/life balance. Freelancers get to decide when they work and who they work for, but the life of a freelancer is far from easy. In order to succeed as a freelancer, you will need to be able to find your own work and find a way of standing out amongst the competition.

These essential survival tips can help any freelancer to improve their chances of finding work. If your freelance career is going nowhere and you can’t work out why this is the case then go back to basics and see if these tips can help you to refocus your efforts.

Hustle Hustle Hustle

This is probably the most important rule for making it as a freelancer. Even if you manage to achieve a steady flow of work, being a freelancer means that this will always be somewhat precarious. Any experienced freelancer will tell you that the speed with which a steady flow of work can suddenly evaporate is frightening.

Therefore, you need to develop your hustle and get ready to do practice it every day. Even during times when you have a plentiful amount of work, you should still remain on the lookout for any new opportunities for work that come your way. When you find yourself inundated with work, take as much of it on as possible, so that you earn enough to see you through the tougher times.

If you haven’t had much practice in selling yourself or your services before, be prepared for a steep learning curve. Learning where to find people to approach, how to approach them, and when to approach them takes time. At first, you may well find that you aren’t getting much feedback on your pitches. Don’t be disheartened, keep proposing and keep working on your pitch and accompanying portfolio.

Always be Professional

No matter what the context, maintain a professional attitude in everything you do. This is especially important when you are interacting with clients or potential clients. Make sure that you respond promptly to any correspondence you receive and that you always read through your messages before you send them, so you can correct grammatical and spelling errors.

Remember how important a professional appearance is when you are designing your website. Every freelancer needs an online portfolio and a dedicated website is by far the easiest way of achieving this. If you make an effort to always act professionally, you will soon find that it soon starts to come naturally.

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Define Your Goals

Having clearly-defined goals makes it much easier to come up with plans for achieving them. Devising those goals will help to focus your mind on what you want to achieve and how you might go about achieving it. Sometimes this focusing of your mind is all you need to pull yourself out of a freelancing rut.

Your goals as a freelancer will change throughout your career. If you miss or fail to achieve one, don’t let it bring your entire operation to a standstill. Instead, be prepared to constantly adjust your objectives and expectations to reflect reality. Pushing yourself to achieve things that are above your level can lead to needless frustration and demotivation.

Work Out Your Niche

No matter what industry you choose to enter as a freelancer, you are going to be facing some pretty stiff competition. In order to give your freelance career every chance of success, you need to identify a specific niche to work in. This should be something relatively unique that you are confident you can excel in.

You are the best judge of what the best niche is for you. The process of deciding which niche you want to operate in will encourage you to think about the broader industry you will be competing in, as well as which customers you target as a priority.

Decide on a Target Audience

Without knowing who your target audience is, you will struggle to work out where to sell your services. There are now numerous websites that connect buyers and sellers with one another and take a big chunk of the usual pain and difficulty out of working as a freelancer. Knowing who your target audience is will help you to focus your searches and tailor your pitches to suit your ambitions.

When you are just beginning your freelancing career, you will need to be willing to take on work outside of your ideal or preferred niche in order to establish yourself and ensure you can pay the bills. You may, therefore, want to advertise your services as broadly as possible initially, so you can secure those all-important early clients.

Where you advertise your services will depend on the nature of the service you are providing. For example, this reliable site makes it easy for escorts across Australia to sell their services according to where they are located. If you sell a service that is delivered online, you won’t need to worry about marketing yourself to people and businesses in a particular area.

Build a Quality Portfolio

Needless to say, finding work is much easier when you have a quality portfolio to show potential clients. It doesn’t matter what industry you are working in, having an easily accessible portfolio full of quality work will make a considerable difference to your chances of finding work regularly.

A website is the best form for an online portfolio to take. You can get away with using social media, but this doesn’t look nearly as professional as having your own dedicated website.

Working as a freelancer is not an easy life. Freelancers are responsible for finding their own work on a regular basis, as well as promoting themselves and their services. Freelancers need to do it all for themselves and they need to do it well if they are to make a viable living. These tips can help any freelancer to improve their prospects in the short and long terms, whether you are working as a freelance writer or escort.

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