7 Best Features to Borrow from Restaurants & Add to Your Home Interior Design

Movies and cooking shows make professional kitchens look like a wonderful place to be in. This may be why many restaurants have picked up on the trend and opened up their kitchens, giving guests the feeling of sitting at the chef’s table.

Because of their innate crowd appeal, certain elements in the professional kitchen fit-out has crossed over to residential interior design. In fact, they not only offer homeowners with a new theme to choose from, but they also provide extra functionality that restaurants have been benefiting from all these years.

This article covers the seven most appealing restaurant-grade kitchen features you can have your home interior design contractor add to your kitchen and dining area.


1. Kitchen Work Table and Chopping Block

This is probably the most practical addition to any home kitchen. With a worktable placed at the center of the kitchen, chefs enjoy as much elbow room as possible to make cooking hassle-free. This is why professional kitchens don’t overcrowd their kitchens with appliances since they can impair workflow.

When choosing a surface for your work table, be sure to pick those that offer durability and cost-efficiency at the same time. This is so your work table won’t easily get damaged from spills, stains, and even scorching hot pots placed on top of the counter.

Dedicated cooks also enjoy slicing, dicing, and chopping things when preparing a meal. While it may feel a bit confining and bulky, adding a big cutting board made with real hardwood on your kitchen work table is a must for restaurant-grade interior designs. Not only is it essential, but it also offers a beauty that comes with an authentic love for cooking.

Here’s a pro-tip: Apply food-grade mineral oil coating to your hardwood chopping board occasionally to extend its lifespan.


2. Stainless Features

Stainless steel is quite common in commercial kitchens and for a good reason. Pro-grade appliances have exteriors made with stainless steel due to its durability.

However, you might want to tone down the industrial feel of this element by throwing in some architectural details here and there. This can come in the form of whitewash cupboards and plenty of lighting.

Aesthetics aside, one more benefit you can enjoy from incorporating more stainless surfaces in your kitchen is ease of cleaning any mess. Plus, you can also just leave hot pans on these surfaces and go on your merry way since steel cannot get scorched easily.

They’re quite hygienic, too. Unlike porous materials, those sleek surfaces prevent bacteria from seeping through, leaving them no chance to breed and multiply.


3. Open Cupboards and Shelving

When you’re always cooking and preparing food, chances are you’d want to have an unobstructed view of your tools and supplies. This is why most restaurant kitchens have open cupboards and shelving that showcase a chef’s entire cooking arsenal.

With open shelving, you wouldn’t have to dig through drawers or flip through cabinets. All you need to do is to reach out, and you’re throwing in spices like a pro.

When incorporating it into your existing home interior, add some welcoming and homely elements so it would complement the rest of the house. To do so, try stacking restaurant-grade plates, bowls, and mugs like those found in diners or French bistros. You can choose to display unique ceramic salt and pepper shakers, labeled canisters, and other quirky small pieces that reflect your personality to your kitchen.


4. Kitchen Service Door with Porthole

There’s always that one door in restaurants that customers are most curious about: the service door. It becomes even more interesting if it offers a peek of what’s happening inside through a porthole.

Take this element home by having your very own kitchen service door installed to separate your kitchen from another room. You can place it in between the kitchen and the pantry if you have one. If not, putting it up as an entryway for your kitchen and the dining room is also a good idea.


5. Marble Surface Kitchen Island

Aside from stainless steel, another material that steals the show in terms of kitchen work surfaces is marble. To be more specific, a marble-surface kitchen island is what will make you want to stay in your kitchen long after dinner is through.

Over the years, the kitchen island has evolved from being a modular bar into a multipurpose surface where families can come together and bond over a delicious meal. It has also been considered as a symbol of the way restaurant kitchens were set up: freestanding and modular.

This type of kitchen island also serves as a “stage” for home cooks who wish to entertain while they prepare food.


6. Beverage Station

When remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to add a space that can catch attention while offering functionality and storage. There’s no better kitchen feature out there that can achieve this combination better than a beverage station.

Beverage stations keep everything related to drinks organized and within arm’s reach. It can also include a small dishwasher specially made for glassware and a freshwater sink for washing cups. If you have more room, adding a small refrigerator and ice maker will create the perfect place for entertaining guests before dinner.


7. Smart Lighting the Kitchen and Dining Room

Lighting is a crucial element for any space, but it becomes even more vital when it comes to the kitchen.

Unlike the dining room, your kitchen won’t work with just candlelight – it needs a lot of lumens. This is because the kitchen houses food preparation, which means you may need to layer task lighting with existing ambient lights. This will ensure that cooking is easier and safer.

Of course, you can always add stylish pendant lights over the kitchen island to create that restaurant flair you’ve been dreaming about.


The Takeaway

Deciding on a kitchen design needs plenty of planning. While it is just one room, the kitchen is considered as a key area in any home since it is where you and your family can come together and enjoy good food.

To make sure you choose the right elements for your restaurant-style kitchen, try looking into the features listed in this article. Even better, ask a professional contractor about it.



Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.

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