7 of the Best Hidden Features for Your Mac

Stuck at home due to the pandemic? This is the right time to make the most of your MacBook. Even if you have been using a Mac for quite some time now, you might not have used the device to its full potential. There are so many shortcuts and unique Mac features that make working on the device look like a breeze! 

This blog will talk about some MacBook features that will optimize your work and make the process more enjoyable for you. So without any further delay, do read on to find seven of the best-hidden features in your MacBook.

  1. All the emojis

Your MacBook has its emoji keyboard – the same as the one you have on your phone. However, using it is not as simple as clicking just a button on the keyboard. Instead, whenever you are typing, press Control + Command + Space bar. The emoji picker will pop up along with a search bar. You can then pick the emoji that you want to use. How cool is that!

  1. Take Better screenshots

We need to save screenshots daily. Whether it is a funny meme, an interesting read, a recipe you have come across or work-related information, we constantly take screenshots on our systems.

You can easily take a screenshot on your Mac with several Keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can start with Command + Shift and then a number. For instance, Command + Shift + 3 helps you take a screenshot of the entire screen. On the other hand, Command + Shift + 4 allows you to drag a crosshair for the portion you want to take a screenshot of. There are other ways as well. For example, by pressing Command + Shift + 5, you can find a small toolbar that can pop up at the bottom of the screen. It will give you complete control over what is captured. 

hidden features for your Mac

Wondering how to find screenshots on Mac? By default, all screenshots are saved in the desktop folder on your Mac. Therefore, you can easily find the screenshots once you take them. To locate them, you can check your desktop to find thumbnails of the screenshot you are looking for. You can also locate the desktop section in the Finder app. To know more about how to change the location of saved Mac screenshots, do some research. You can also change its default screenshot directory by using Terminal.

  1. Don’t commit the mistake of tabbing past an online form’s box

While filling order forms online, tabbing through input boxes often eliminates drop-down. To ensure that your system tabs through them like any other textbox, just open System Preference is = > Keyboard. Once it is done, set “Full Keyboard Access” to “All Controls.”.

  1. Changing wallpaper

You can now make sure that your wallpaper is always changing. Bid goodbye to that old, boring photo as your desktop background. For this, go to System Preferences and click on Desktop & Screen Saver.

Click on the Apple drop-down menu and pick one of the three pictures. You will witness that the wallpaper is changing throughout the day using your location as a reference. Given how boring our lives have become due to the pandemic, this simple yet fun twist can make you smile by breaking the monotony.

  1. Fill out & sign documents

Instead of using a third-party application to sign a particular document, you can use the Preview Application on your system. It is again a hidden gem that most people do not know about. After initial setup, signing a document in Preview takes a few clicks.

For this, open the document where you want to sign in Preview. Then select the pen icon next to the search bar, click on the signature box followed by “Create signature”. You can also sign on paper and hold it up against your Mac’s camera. Use the trackpad to make your signature. Otherwise, sign your name on your iPhone screen. Once you have signed, drag it to the document and save the same. It is so cool and can be done within a few minutes.

  1. Use iPad as a second display

The entire ecosystem of Apple is innovative. For example, with Apple’s Sidecar, you can turn your iPad into a wireless second display for your Mac. But, of course, you need macOS Catalina or a newer version installed on your Mac. And for the iPad, you need iPadOS 13 or a newer version installed on your iPad Pro.

When you want to achieve the same, click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar (at the top of your screen) and select Connect to your iPad. After that, you will see that your iPad has an extended desktop.

The Sidecar feature is unique. Go through its features so that you can explore more.

  1. Easily group files into one folder

If you have a messy desktop, one easy shortcut can consolidate the files in a single folder. Just highlight or click the files you want to merge, right-click and then choose “New Folder With Selection.”

So these are a few hidden features that will make your Mac experience even better. And to quench your MacBook thirst, here is a blog by Forbes on its new Powerful MacBook Pro Features.

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