8 Essential Survival Tools that Will Keep You Safe

Whether you are backpacking across the jungles of Africa, or you are testing your adventurous skills and traveling the wilderness of Alaska’s Arctic Tundra, you certainly will need the best survival tools.

Equipping yourself with survival tools is an excellent idea; you never know what the future holds. There might be a point in time when it all comes down to survival, and you definitely won’t be sorry if you are already equipped for it.

In this article, we are going to be discussing what we feel are the best tools for survival. They could be useful for backpacking, adventures, and all types of outdoor quests. While there are many essential safety gadgets out there, you can’t ignore the importance of the few listed below. Even the guys at survivaltechie.com know that when it comes to life in the wilderness, you can’t overlook the necessary tools.

With these gear, you can increase your chances of a fun-filled outing. They are easy to stash in your backpack or include in your camping bag.

Here is a list of them.

1. Survival Knife or Machete

Finding the right knife is essential in your quest. A blade can serve as a multi-purpose tool. Find yourself a very well-rounded knife, with the right weight and balance, and should be a good fit for little holes. A lot of adventurers feel assured with a knife or machete in their backpacks for safety in case they run into a wild animal while in the jungle.

2. Topographic Map

You really wouldn’t be thinking of going on your adventure without a topographic map in your backpack. It is easy to get your bearings wrong and get lost, even when you feel you are familiar with your destination.

Learning how to read a topographic map is essential, mostly if you are traveling to unfamiliar territories. It’ll also be a cool way to familiarize yourself with the layout of your surroundings. You can check this website for map reading tips.

3. A Sleeping Bag

How do you get through the night deep in the woods without a sleeping bag? You may end up freezing to death. That is why you make sure to take with you an extra thick mattress that will get you through the cold nights. The best sleeping bags are extra thick and are made up of paracord drawings.

4. A Fire Starter

A fire starter is a necessary tool that needs to be included in your backpack. A fire starter can provide you with food, warmth, and rest.

When it gets dark predators, tend to loom, and that’s why you need a fire set up, this will help to keep you safe and drive those forest animals away.

You also can sleep warm throughout the cold night with a light set up.

That’s why packing with you a fire starter is perhaps the most important thing you need to do.

There are different types of fire starters you can get your hands on, but ensure to get yourself a utility lighter, because they are equipped with other small components that can help you throughout your quest.

5. First Aid Kit

Make sure to pack a first aid kit during your journey because they can end up being lifesaving. You wouldn’t want to be in a survival situation without a first aid kit. That’s why you should ensure to really up the items you include in your bag.

Go beyond the plasters, the bandages, and antibiotic ointments. Include items that give you a high chance of survival, like the ACE bandages, which can serve a lot of purposes, it is applied on wound’s, it helps to support fractures, and it is also a strip for sealing the wound.

Also include an alcohol prep pad that can help in sterilizing your wound, and even heal the wound. The more the items in your first aid kit, the higher the chances of survival. You can check the link below for the essentials of a first aid box.


6. Emergency Whistle

A whistle is an essential survival tool, so it must be included in your kit. A whistle might be needed in your adventure where there are very few people or no person around you, with an abundance of wild creatures.

Ensure you pack a whistle that has a sound able to travel long distances, and can alert animals that are close to you. Make sure to wear the whistle around your neck to reach it easily when you might need it.

7. Paracord

We cannot stress the importance of packing ropes when you are backpacking, that’s why the survival paracord is the best option to go with.

A paracord is made up of multiple strands of fiber and lightweight, sturdy nylon. And this has made it very useful as a survival tool. This tool can be used to repair gears, rig tarps, or to create a thinner and more durable rope. That is why it is best to go with a paracord instead of a locally made cord.

8. Flashlight

To navigate through the darkness of the woods, you need a flashlight or headlamp. If you do not include any of these in your backpack and you intend on spending more than a day in your survival quest, then I’m sorry to tell you that you will have a hard time moving in the dark.

Even the smallest pocket-sized flashlight would be better than going without one. A flashlight will help you find your path through the woods when it becomes dark. So, make sure to pack one.


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