A Look at KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Off-Roader

KTM motorcycles are favorites among bikers everywhere for their power, ruggedness and sleek designs, and those same features are in KTM’s electric bike. KTM’s Freeride now comes in an electric version —the 2020 Free Ride E-XC— that made a pilot U.S. debut at 11 dealerships in 2018. This electric bike is the company’s first, and it’s made riders want to strap on their off-roading helmets and hit the road. 

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The Freeride E-XC has the perfect dimensions and features for an off-road adventure.

  • Total weight of 238 pounds
  • 36-inch seat height
  • 18-inch and 21-inch wheels with shiny, high-quality motorcycle rims 
  • 55.8-inch wheelbase

The Formula brakes are extremely reliable and consist of two radial calipers and Wave disc brakes, one caliper and disc brake in the back and another set in the front. The back disc brake measures 230 millimeters, and the caliper is a two-piston. The front set is slightly larger with the disc brake measuring 260 millimeters and the caliper being a four-piston. 

Additionally, the footrests are designed for a comfortable ride no matter your technique and foot size. You can turn the brackets 180 degrees to move the 8 millimeters toward the bike of the bike, and the footrests are wide to ensure your feet stay firmly put.


The Freeride E-XC gets its energy from a KTM PowerPack, a 26-volt lithium-ion battery that weighs around 50 pounds. The 2020 model’s maximum battery power to 2.6 kilowatt hours. Inside, a die-cast aluminum shell holds 360 advanced lithium ion cells. This new and improved battery gives you one hour of uninterrupted ride time and nine kilowatts of power. 

A dead battery will never slow you down. This battery is one of the most durable and longest-lasting ones on the market. You’ll still get 80% percent of its original power following 700 charges. As far as charging time, it takes a quick 50 minutes to get the battery to 80% and only 80 minutes to get the battery to 100%. The battery’s current charge won’t be a guessing game, either, because a display between the seat and steering head has a row of colored lights that go green to red. When a red one blinks, this means the battery has less than 10% remaining, and the “limp home mode” is activated. 

The PowerPack’s spot is located where the gas tank normally is, and the PowerPack is easily removable to charge. All you have to do is lift up the seat and unscrew the four bolts. When the PowerPack is charged, simply place it back in, tighten the bolts and experience the smoothness and efficiency of an electric off-road bike like no other. 


The Freeride E-XC’s state-of-the-art synchronous motor is brushless and has permanent magnets. Its central feature is the Engine Control Unit, whose temperature is maintained thanks to a water-cooling system and radiators. The ECU and the water-cooling system keep your ride smooth and powerful, providing 42 Newton metres of torque and 18 kilowatts of power. 

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