Should We Adhere to No Contact Rule to Get Him Back?

Relationships and love are essential segments of our lives. Not being emotionally involved with someone is something imaginable, even for people who don’t believe in love. That is what keeps you balanced and ready to move forward.

Not every relationship will last forever. Breakups can cause various problems in your lives, and most people have no clue how to deal with a broken heart. Mending a broken relationship is not an easy thing to accomplish, but it’s possible.

Throughout the years, people have come up with some excellent ideas that may help you get your loved one back and repair the damage your relationship has sustained. Although some of these ideas much patience and self-control, they happen to be quite successful. As seen on, sometimes it’s necessary to make some drastic moves.

Is No Contact Rule Good Idea?

One of the methods that will help you restore your relationship is being honest and forgiving. But not everyone is able to do that. So people ‘invented’ other methods based on psychological and behavioral patterns.

In some cases, you can apply a No contact rule, which should ultimately result in having your partner back to you. Sometimes, this method works better than anticipated, but it mostly depends on the psychological profile of the person you want to apply it to.

Some people don’t respond very well to psychological treatment like this. On the other hand, others will go through this process stoically. You ought to know your partner before you decide to implement such a radical move to fix a broken relationship.

You must be very careful when playing such a mind game since some people won’t respond as you might expect them to. But if you’re ready to do anything to get your ex back, then go for it. As there’s a saying ‘all is fair in love and war, here’s what psychologists have to say about our pristine need to love and be loved.

The Things You Must Know Before You Make a Decision

By choosing to stop every form of contact with your ex-partner with a desire to get them back, you’re entering a very dangerous playfield. This method may be considered as a two-edged sword. You can achieve your goal, but you may also make things even worse. So think whether it’s worth the risk.

It’s imperative to know your partner ‘to the bone.’ That way, you’ll feel more secure by knowing if this method might work on your ex-lover or not. Some people go forward really fast, and when they’re done with their relationships, they’re not going back. If your former partner belongs to this group of people, you should reconsider your options.

Mostly, people remain scarred for some time after a breakup, especially if it was their fault. In case your partner is among those who base their actions on their emotions, this method may prove very useful in your case.

How Does This Method Work?

No contact method is an emotion-based method that will allow you to ‘play’ with your former partner’s mind and feelings. When you decide to apply this rule to your recently ended relationship, it means your partner will have to deal with a whole bunch of new emotions.

It may be compared to cleaning your system of alcohol, nicotine, or even drugs. If you stop it violently and instantly, your brain will need ‘another dose,’ and it won’t stop fighting your body until it has it. It’s the same thing with love.

The thing about no contact method is to avoid any kind of getting in touch with your ex-partner, at least for a month. After a breakup, people are usually in distress, and avoiding any contact with them when they are still vulnerable is a tricky thing.

Without sweet texting, begging for reconciliation, beautiful words. No late night calls and ‘good night’ texts – nothing. You have to be persistent; if your ex-lover still has feelings for you, your determination to not contact will eventually bring results.

As much as no contact method can resolve your relationship issue and give you back your partner, it may also blowback at you. That is the reason why you must know your partner’s psychology before you decide to implement this method onto him/her.

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