Aiming for Esports: 4 Ways to Become Better at Gaming

Gone are the days when gaming was only the pastime activity.  With unprecedented development of computer technology and graphics, virtual gaming has actually turned into a sport itself. Now, there are sports arenas where professional gamers are contesting with each other for hefty prize money. NBA and other major sports leagues are funneling money into esports ventures and more than 50 colleges all across the US are offering professional esports courses.

If you are also playing video games and want to get more ‘serious’ about them, then there are some things that you should take into account. By incorporating your gaming journey with these elements, you will have a better shot at becoming a full-time esports player.

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1) Review and Upgrade Your Gaming Gear

There is a polarizing opinion regarding the importance of gear in improving your gaming skills. Some people think that gear and equipment are just the means to translate your skills and cognition into gameplay. On the other hand, some people think that the ever-increasing competitiveness in esports arenas has made it necessary to work with the best available gaming gear.

Both parties are not entirely wrong or right. There is something in between. Good gear can definitely help you in playing in a better manner.  However, at the end of the day, it will be your skills that will decide if you are making the most of your gaming gear.

If you have just forayed into the professional side of the gaming, then we would recommend you to at least make these two changes in your gaming setup.   

Get a Monitor with Fast Response Time

The monitor you are using right now might have a delayed response time from the professional gaming standards. To play professionally, you need a screen that can display the visuals that you command without holding it up for the fraction of a second. A nanosecond delay in displaying the maneuver that you command through the controllers can cost you a game at the professional pedestal.

So, it is important to start playing with a monitor with fast response time if you really want to prepare for championships or have a plan to start your own streaming channel on Twitch. By playing at a faster responding medium you can grind your gaming reflexes to the next level.

Get a Monitor with Extra Key Bindings

Don’t buy into the idea of a stereotypical flashy mouse with higher DPI. The majority of professional gamers are of the opinion that it doesn’t change much. However, a mouse with extra key bindings definitely makes for a better controller. Getting the most of control options under five fingertips actually help you in improving your overall control in any gameplay.

2) Focus on Looking for Group (LFG) and Teamplay

Pro gaming is not like indulging in your favorite game from the comfort of your basement as a lone warrior. You have to play along with other gamers. So, make sure you can also pose yourself as a team player when the time comes. For that, it is important to extensively play with other players online to develop better gaming communication. There are specialized services that can help you in getting into dedicated gaming groups.

Example: If you are playing Destiny 2 and looking for a group in order to put up a collective fight against the Red Legion, then this site can help you. You can also boost your profile in the game to the next levels with their help.

3) Watch the Pros and Analyze Your Game

Many aspirants adopt a really monotonous and one-dimensional routine to improve their gaming skills. They just increase the time of their gaming practice. No one can deny the importance of extended practice. It helps you in customizing your mind and body to the gaming realm. It helps in developing muscles memory that proves to be really effective when you play professionally.

However, practice alone will not bring you results. In fact, in some cases, the long hours of practice can also end up being counterproductive. For instance, if you keep playing the game by repeating the same mistake again and again, then it will eventually become the natural element of your gaming in that particular setting.

If you want to make it professional level, then start watching the streams of pro gamers. And not just to kill time, but to see where you are making mistakes. You can also ask them to guide you to steer through a dead end that you encounter in any gameplay. Many of pro streamers are also generous enough to share their secrets to scale tricky stages of a game.

The burgeoning streaming scene has made it possible for every aspirant gamer to learn from the skills and experience of the pros. So, make sure you are making the most of it. Also, it is important to watch your own game when you are not in it. This means to replay the game that you have played at watch it through the lens of a critic. These simple measures will help you in moving up the gaming ladder without spending a buck.

4) Sign up for LAN Tournaments

If you want to get the whiff of how professional arenas feel like, then start playing LAN tournaments more often. Search for the tournaments of your favorite games that are being organized in your neighborhood. They are a great place to get familiar to the noisy, flashy and highly competitive pro-gaming environment. Also, you can test your competence level and skill set by playing among all those players who are supposed to be the best in that particular region.

An Important Reminder

While you are carrying out all the steps to become an esports professional and considering all tips to improve your gaming, it is really important to keep entertaining yourself with the process.  Remind yourself that ‘enjoyment’ is the reason why you started playing games in the first place. If honing gaming skills become a liability, then there are least chances that you will be able to pull it off.

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