The three basics of plumbing are gravity, pressure, and water. These three principles will help you while you are either setting up the plumbing system or are facing the aftermath of a broken pipe. You can either do that or call many of the 24 hour emergency plumbing numbers.

There are usually two plumbing systems; one system brings in the water while the other disposes of it. The water coming into the house comes with pressure, while the pipe that disposes of the water doesn’t have any pressure in it as gravity acts on the water while it’s going underground.


A water shutoff valve is placed in case of an emergency. This valve ensures that your house is not flooded if a pipe is broken. While the cold water supply to your home is directly pumped from the board, a hot water supply needs an extra pipe connected to the water heater, which heats the water in the presence of a thermostat and moves the hot water around the house.


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel pipes are generally found at home but are rarely used for construction nowadays. Galvanized steel is expensive and is used for repair work. They are incredibly durable and have a lifetime of about 30-50 years.


They are used in houses widely and are long-lasting, but copper pipes face a decrease in demand due to the steep increase in copper prices.


Used very widely in homes these days, (PVC) is the most popular variant. They are extremely cheap, light, and highly durable; plastic pipes are more comfortable to carry and install and come with an advantage of high durability that prevents water from seeping into the walls and causing a problem even after years of installation.



CPVC pipes are similar to PVC pipes in all aspects except that they are much thicker than PVC pipes and are used to water coming in with high pressure. CPVC pipes are also preferred when the water temperature is fluctuating between extremities, while PVC can be used only when the water is cold.


They are used to fit barbs and steel with copper rings.


It is used in house appliances with food packaging with clinical equipment.

Lead pipes were banned due to their lead toxicity.


Some of the equipment used for plumbing one

  1. Water Meters
  2. Pumps
  3. Water Softening devices
  4. Gauges
  5. Pipe Benders

Sometimes plumbing on your own can be an ordeal and time-consuming work. Although it’s a pretty simple exercise, we all may not have the time and patience to attend to any emergencies in our house and sit through the mess while keeping a cool head. In such cases, calling up a person who is experienced and trustworthy to address the situation might be the best option. Not only is it cheap but it also doesn’t burden you with extra work and lets you relax after a bad day at work. 24/7 helpline numbers are very reliable and quick, with people coming in less than 30 mins to rescue you from your problem. Their work is clean, and they maintain high levels of professionalism. In Australia, some services work 24/7 and help in plumbing disasters in a particular area. They will be known for their work and can be easily trusted.

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