Best Chemicals For Your Day Spa

spa is a place where people go for various treatments that promotes health and wellbeing. These treatments include massages, facials, hair and general body treatment.  These places use a lot of products both organic and otherwise to carry out their treatments. And they are usually staffed by people who have undergone requisite trainings for these procedures/treatments.

If you are a spa owner, you would testify to the fact that a lot of thought goes into ensuring that your clients get the best value for their money. One of the things that can sometimes constitute stress is how to get premium quality products and other necessary accessories.  In this article we would give a list of what we consider the best spa chemicals for your establishment.

Different Types of Spa

There are different types of these establishments and they include the following:-

  1. Day spa – a place where people go for the various treatments but do not stay overnight.
  2. Hotel / Resort – This is a hotel or resort that has a particular leaning towards wellness and health and specifically provides all the treatments that contribute to this.
  3. Destination Spa – In this case, the destination is usually the attraction because the serenity and scenic landscape contributes to de-stressing and rejuvenating guests.
  4. Health Spa- This is especially dedicated to people who have different health challenges. Some places are known to have hot water springs and other natural phenomena that aid the alleviation of the pains or negative health condition of their clients.
  5. Stay Spa – These are places that provide accommodation for people so that they can indulge in all the available treatments without worrying about time. So you can clear out your schedule for a few days of pampering or treatment.
  6. Alternative Healing Spa – This is similar to the health spa but it is usually for people who want to undergo a lifestyle change (especially weight loss). These are sometimes called health farms.
  7. Rehabilitation Spa- These centres are dedicated to people who want to beat an addiction and they are usually run by doctors and other qualified and certified professionals.
  8. Pamper or Relaxation Spa – As the name implies, this is a place where people go just to be pampered and feel good.

They all have the same goal in mind and that is to either to restore good health (both mental and physical) or maintain a balance of wellness and health. Click here for more information on this subject.

Essential Chemicals to Have

The following are some of the chemicals that are essential for these facilities:-


These are products that are designed to clean the filter cartridge, plumbing line, covers and other things used in the facility.  As a rule, it is recommended that you do not use any type of cleaner to clean your facility. It is best to use the cleaners specially formulated for spas.


These sanitizers can come in form of tablets or grains (powder) and it can either be bromine or chlorine. They are used to get rid of bacteria, algae, mold, fungus and the likes. Chlorine tablets are too strong for spas and shouldn’t be used there. It is best to use the granular form or bromine tablets.


This is useful for balancing the pH level of the water in your facility.  There are gadgets that you can use to gauge the saturation of the water. And when you notice an imbalance in the water, you can use a chemical balancer for even things out.


When the water in the tubs in the facility becomes cloudy, and there’s nothing wrong with the filters, it might be time for clarifiers.

Specialty Chemicals

These are products that cannot be neatly placed in any particular category. Aromatherapy products are in this category.

You can learn more about chemicals you may need here:


Operating a spa is not child’s play but it can also be rewarding. All you need to do is to know the right chemicals and equipment to have and use. Then go ahead and ensure that you get premium products.

One sure way of achieving this is to buy your products from reputable brands that insist on quality over bottom line.

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