Fishing boats consist of a wide variety of forms, depending on the kind of fishing, fisherman’s preferences and features of the reservoir.

These are common fishing boat types: boats, kayaks, sit-on-tops, inflatable rubber boats. For many people fishing is becoming a favorite hobby, and every fisherman seeks to flatter his outfit with new and modern equipment.

A kayak is a type of boat that has a flat bottom shape with low side walls. You can buy a kayak of different types – this are:

  • collapsible (frame);
  • non-separable;
  • inflatable;
  • folding.

By the design kayak boats are divided into:

  • seat – in – boat with an internal landing;
  • seat-on-top – if translated word for word, it means “sit on top.”

Before you buy a kayak boat, you must decide for yourself the main question – how long do you plan to be in the water and in what type of waters will you swim (cold or warm)? If you plan a long swim in cold and even icy water, it is recommended to choose a kayak with an internal landing or of “closed” type .Its pluses are : it has a cockpit that can be closed with a splash proof apron.

This will protect the lower part of the rower with cockpit space from unwanted splashes and water.

Open type of a kayak can be for a day or short rest on the water. They are very easy to use and do not require special skills to operate them. Sit-on-top kayaks do not have a cockpit, they have only a closed one-piece plastic shell and an equipped seat for the swimmer.

Kayaks are made of different kinds of materials – it is plastic (polyethylene), PVC, wood and foam. You can buy a kayak made of any of them except the last option, because the foam is used by craftsmen who want to make a boat by their own hands. As for the wooden kayak, these are found in Canada and the United States, but they are very expensive.

A kayak made of polyethylene is the simplest and most often the right decision. Polyethylene or plastic is considered the strongest and most wear-resistant material. There are various models of such boats. They are suitable for:

  • fishing and hunting;
  • long journeys in the ocean and sea (expeditionary);
  • short walks on the river (tourist);
  • WhiteWater – to practice acrobatic rodeo;

sports, etc.

Kayaks can be chosen for a variety of purposes. All of them will have a unique design and differ from a usual boat first of all in their length. Sometimes a polyethylene kayak for fishing can be additionally equipped with foot controls.

How Much Does A Kayak Cost

Kayak prices are ranging from 100-300 USD up to 5000-6000 USD for most advanced models.

Depending on the purpose of buying a kayak, the price is likely to increase. In general, according to analysis, 70% of people in USA and Canada are searching for kayaks under 1000 $. That is why best fishing kayak under 1000$ is among the most popular options.

  • Kayak double kayak;
  • Plastic kayak (you can buy the most expensive for 3000$)
  • Folding kayak;
  • Triple Kayak.

Technical characteristics of polyethylene kayaks

Buying a cheap kayak is not a difficult task, but in any case, it is needed to pay attention to the characteristics of the boat. Most important ones: size, speed, weight. The kayak can reach a length of up to 5.2 m, accelerate to 10 km / h at the oars and withstand a weight of up to 255 kg. Depending on the model, the weight of the kayak itself can be from 18 kg to 40.

  • General features of polyethylene kayaks:
  • Suitable for use in both fresh and salty water;
  • Good shoal pass;
  • Able to withstand sudden changes in temperature;
  • Absolutely no harm to the hull . It can cross stony ridges;
  • Perfectly keeps the course even during a strong wind;

Can be used in regions where the climate is cold.

The first analog of kayaks was quite primitive in their design and was made of natural materials (wood, bones, and skins of animals), therefore they were not very stable and were short-lived.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, they were not changed, cause they were used by a very narrow circle of people. However, when the Europeans showed interest in this boats, it started to change with dramatic pace and gradually it transformed into a modern kayak, as we used to see it.

Over time, there has been a significant leap in different areas of the industry; new materials have appeared, the use of which has given kayaking new edge. Kayaks made of polymer materials became more smooth and durable. That is why, it was possible to reduce the degree of friction and significantly improve the ride quality of the boat.
Due to the increased performance which modern kayaks showed, it became possible to use them not only for walking on smooth water, but also for rafting on rough mountain rivers.

For those who love water recreation, we recommend a new twin-kayak. It is from Hummingbird company. It is spacious enough. You will feel absolutely comfortable in it, even on a long hiking trip. It has an important advantage – it is practically unsinkable. This is ensured by the perfect design of this boat.

On the other hand, there are fishing kayaks. For them, such characteristics as stability and comfort are the most important. After all, true fishermen highly appreciate the comfort of their vessel, in which they spend many hours doing their favorite craft.

Furthermore, fishing kayak should be able to withstand its full height, without losing stability. All in all, you will decide what is important to you and choose the best fishing kayak, suitable for you.

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