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Fruit flies are really very annoying, and you cannot find out from where they come. They even follow you when you come back home after grocery and reproduce at alarming pace. From egg to full grown adult, they go in just a week and this means they spread like wildfire. They breed in damp areas where there is abundance of organic material and water. They are naturally attracted to ripened vegetable, fruits, sugary foods, and anything fermented. Moreover, they can even swarm on alcohol, decayed meats and trash. It will be really difficult to rid such problem. Before you use any fruit fly trap, you must try to keep each and everything clean around your home. First step is to remove food supply. Wipe kitchen tables, don’t leave sweets and fruits exposed, and empty your trash frequently. All types of natural products must either be frozen, sealed air tight, refrigerated or sealed air tight. Replace all old mops and sponges, clean all dishes, and fix all drains which are slow or clogged. Flies lay their eggs in sugary spaces that are closed to food source, therefore you may even end up ingesting fruit fly eggs without observing it. Making sure you do not have any exposed sweets is the first step. If problem still exist then you must use best fruit fly trap.

If you have a fruit fly infestation, it will be extremely hard to get rid of this problem. Before using the best fruit fly trap, you should first just try to keep everything clean around your house. The first step to getting rid of fruit flies is to remove their food supply. Wipe down kitchen tables, do not leave fruits and sweets exposed, and empty the trash often. All sorts of organic products should either be frozen, refrigerated, or sealed air tight. Replace any old sponges and mops, clean your dishes, and fix drains that are clogged or slow. Fruit flies like to lay their eggs in sugary areas close to the food source, so you may even end up ingesting some fruit fly eggs without noticing it. Making sure you don’t have any exposed sweets is a step in the right direction. If you still can’t solve the problem after performing a full on thorough clean up, it is time to try using the best fruit fly trap.

As you make your own fly trap, we suggest use some commercial ones because they are designed in a way to let flies in however makes it difficult for them to flee out. You cannot spare time to make such a complicated thing that cost just few dollars in the market. Most if not all traps are just funnel type containers which have some type of fluid that fruit flies are attracted to. Often there is a tiny opening therefore once they fly in the container, it is difficult for them to find exit. It is same to falling in a large sheet of ice and trying to find that small hole that you fell into. As soon as fly is in the container, it cannot help however feast the liquid lure. This bait is usually made from acidic liquid which kills fruit fly. Finally the fly also drowns inside solution. These traps designed in such a manner that you can be hands of for some weeks and trap will doing its work, then after sometime you need to dispose the trap and replace the liquid. Here are the reviews for 3 best Fruit fly traps;


FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap

One of our favorite fly trap is FlyFix. It is very simple to use and make perfect funnel to capture the flies. FlyFix is on its way to patenting the design, however it outshines its competitors. After leaving it on kitchen counter for couples of hours, we observed many flies entering it, however not a single one escape the trap. Best fruit fly must have luring enough to attract most of the flies and must designed in a way that it doesn’t allow them to escape. Funnel design makes it difficult for flies to escape and scented vortex attract them in. We also like the point that there is a no-spill lock that prevents the luring liquid to spill out if you accidently knock it over.

It is easier to setup, just twist it open and fill some lure. Beware that it doesn’t comes with liquid, so you need to buy a separate fruit fly baiting liquid. We suggest to buy something like apple juice, vinegar or banana slices. After filling this bait, lock the trap and place it near you trash bin or kitchen. Check after few days or a week just dispose the flies that trapped inside it. Then wash the container and reapply the bait. Overall the FlyFix trap is the best system to trap the flies, its funnel design makes it really best fruit fly trap out there.



Terro Fruit Fly Trap

To get best fruit fly trap which looks like apple and set in your kitchen décor, Terro is the rightest thing. Terro Fruit Fly trap is particularly designed to act fast and ready to use. It utilizes non-toxic fruit based vinegar bait. As soon as they are in, it is impossible for them to leave the trap or breed. As they eat the lure they gradually drown in the liquid. Setting it up is also very easy. Just take leaf like lid off that exposes the trap chamber. Pour the liquid in this chamber and don’t fill up the rim. Place the trap inside an area with higher fly traffic, such as garage or kitchen counter. Empty and replace liquid in chamber after every 30 days because traps are reusable. Do not worry to run out of the bait liquid, because you can fill you own, like vinegar or apple juice. It already be decreasing the number of fruit flies in the home within couples of days.

About efficacy, Terro fruit fly trap stands out its competitors. As it cannot be considered at par with FlyFix, the difference very little. Its apple shaped look and design is really good.



BEAPCO Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps

To get a fruit fly trap in budget price, BEAPCO’s traps are best. When you purchase it, you get six conical traps which performs on par with all other in the market. You also get a non-toxic liquid lure made from detergent, vinegar or cider. BEAPCO’s fruit fly traps work just like all other fly trap. Made from some conical design which funnels the flies in the trap and makes is difficult to escape from there. As soon as the fly touches liquid, it will drown gradually. Moreover, flies of all types follow the crowd, therefore when fruit flies goes in, it attracts other also and lead to the feedback loop.

To set it up is also very easy, just fill the trap up with the liquid and place it for 30 days. Gather afterwards and dispose the trap and wash to reuse it. When you run of out of the liquid, simply throw in some vinegar or cider. Fly traps is the easiest solution than making your own saran or jar trap. These professionally designed fruit fly traps comes with spill lock system, to prevent your home from bad smells and save your kids or pets from accidently drinking the liquid. Overall, BEAPCO’s is best for this price.


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