Best HUD For The Car Depending On Where You Are Driving

Different terrains tend to support different HUDs and thus, you will need to be in a position to understand where you will be driving your vehicle before you decide the type that you are going to purchase. According to the reviews at, different HUDs react differently to different terrains and thus, if you settle for one that is not meant for your terrain, you might blame it for not working perfectly yet it is your poor choice.

With that in mind, you will need to evaluate various HUDs in the market and ensure that you know the pros and cons of the ones you shortlist for buying, before deciding which one will be best for your specific needs.   

  • Universal head-up display for GPS: If you are searching for such a HUD there are several in the market with HUDWAY Glass being one of them. It is a device that can transform a smartphone into a great display.


  • Full brightness
  • Compatible with any kind of smartphone
  • Easy to install


  • You have to be careful when using it as it might just overheat in the sun
  • Universal car HUD: In the case in the market looking for a universal car HUD, you might as well settle for the Timprove T600. It is a new design in the market that doesn’t require you to install a reflective film on the windshield. You will be able to read your information directly from the head-up display unit
    • Pros
      • The setting fixation
      • Compactness
      • Break test and speed up test
      • Automatic insertion
      • Easy night time and day time detection
      • Perfect design for display
    • Cons
      • Interface is complex
    • The best budget HUD: If you are on a tight budget yet you are looking for a HUD then Arpenkin X5 HUD might be your pick. It is a barebones product and good if you are the type of person who has no interest in all the other pieces of information that are displayed on HUDs of high end.
      • Pros
        • The display information tends to be organized in an orderly manner and nothing tends to be cluttered.
        • Though the difference with other high-end HUD is not great, it is still affordable and can do the work
        • There are numerous and easy to customize alarms
  • Cons
    • Less information displayed
    • It is 3 inches in display and thus, very small
    • Without the option of film projection, the lens might suffer from brightness and resolution issues as well as giving out double images depending on the sun’s angle.
  • The largest HUD display: ZXLine A8 is a HUD which has one of the largest display. But if you decide that it is the one you are going for, you should remember that the display will be limited to a projection that is less than ideal. The film of the ZXLine does perform well still at its price range.
    • Pros
      • The projection film eliminates the double image display
      • The display is 5.5 inches making it one of the largest in the market
      • While the organization and the amount can be cluttered, the coding of the color will ensure that you easily find the information you are looking for.
    • Cons
      • It has so many compatibility issues
      • Directions are not well written making the installation tough
      • Brightness and resolution issues might occur due to HUD having a film projection without the option of a lens.


  • HUD for mountainous climbing: Echoman EM03B could do the best job here, utilizing a screen which is dedicated on which to project its display. By placing an opaque sheet behind this screen, you might be able to resolve the issues of projection displays
    • Pros
      • It is priced reasonably while providing enough information
      • It provides altitude to the user
      • It is easy to install it as its installation is straightforward


  • Cons
    • Both the altitude and compass have to be reset which is a process that is very tedious
    • The output of information has some delays which might be bad for things such as speed
    • The arrangement of information is not attractive as it is not orderly


Considering the compatibility

As you are out searching for the best HUD, you have to decide if you need one that is compatible with the car or the smartphone. Most customers, according to the review tend to prefer the smartphone compatible HUDs as they can easily connect and accept third-party applications. But even with such HUD, you will need to use HUD specific applications that might automatically stop working once you switch to an app that is different.

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