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Best Mechanical Keyboard Reviews Summary:

When I begin writing this mechanical keyboard review I wish to make this list to be much longer. I soon found the market for wireless mechanical keyboards is just like a barren desert. The demand for wireless mechanical keyboard just wasn’t there. Wired mechanical keyboards are to some extent of a smaller niche themselves and gaming passionate and professional computer users willing to spend the premium to get one are more or less always searching for the extreme performance possible that admittedly is not mostly offered by a wireless mechanical keyboard. Particularly when a keyboard or any other computer device is used by a PC gamers, their preferences are to get no input lag or low latency.

In all conscience, I do not even have any mechanical keyboard for myself yet, though I wish to have one in the near future. Still, more options for the best wireless mechanical keyboard is like I assume many in this wireless mechanical keyboards community would welcome with their open hands. Since I am presently on the hunt for one keyboard of my own I believed I would share what I have learned from my conducted research. Let us take a look at 5 of the best wireless mechanical keyboards that are available in the market and check if we can find one or more viable wireless mechanical keyboards that can be suitable for both enthusiasts and casuals computer users alike.

The way I have ranked all these wireless mechanical keyboard is not based on any empirical or scientific research, however I have combined the facts, consumer experiences, feed backs, testimonials, reviews, and formulated them with my own opinions. They aren’t rank in any specific order. So without wasting more time lets us get started!



Cherry G80-3000 – Cheap Mechanical Cherry Keyboard

The Cherry G80-3000 is among most successful mechanical keyboards by Cherry. It remained world champion for fastest typing mechanical keyboards from the company. The first version released in 1980 and after that it has improved several times, however at core it is still the same. The brand mantra of Cherry is; “Accurate and reliable even after years of service!”

The Cherry G80-3000 mechanical keyboard has no extras or fancy features, no media controls or macro keys, no win lock function and no illumination. However in exchange of all these extra features, you get an affordable mechanical keyboard along with genuine Cherry MX switches.

Depending the model you choose Cherry G80-3000 includes Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Black, or Cherry MX Brown. The keyboard allows only 4 keys pressed simultaneously and therefore it isn’t suitable for professional gaming purposes. However it is perfect for common gaming and fast writing.

However gamers aren’t the real target segment for Cherry G80-3000 this keyboard. Instead it targets all those users who need a cheap yet durable mechanical keyboard for daily tasks and do not want fancy extras. Cherry G80-3000 has a 175 centimeter long USB cable, however it can also be connected through PS/2 with the help of adapter included in the package.

World Championship for the Fastest Typist:

Intersteno arranges world typing championship. Fastest typist winner, Helena Zaviacicova and winner of various other championships uses Cherry G80-3000 as her preference. She told the bloggers later that, “The Cherry G80-3000 is by far the best, fastest and reliable mechanical keyboard that I use to exceed limit of 800 characters/minute.”

Technical Specification Cherry G80-3000

Dimension: 470 mm x 195 mm x 44 mm
Weight: 935 gram
Connection: USB & PS/2
Illumination: Not available
Cable Length: 175 cm
Key Rollover: 4KRO
Numeric pad: Yes
Macro Keys: Not available
Media Keys: Not available
USB Pass-through: Not available
Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Brown

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4.5 / 5 stars
“The Cherry G80-3000 mechanical keyboard is just like a Timex running a Rolex watch movement. The case is in working order however designed down to affordable price; however bits that make this keyboard tick are quite special.” – 68 / 100 Points
“Translated from German Detected to English “The G80-3000 is not a good choice for professionals, as it can hold up to four parallel keystrokes.”



Cherry MX-Board 3.0 – Mechanical Keyboard For Beginners

Cherry MX-Board 3.0 is another budget mechanical keyboard that has no specific target segment. Depending on switch type you chose, it is an interesting keyboard for both professional typist as well as gamers. Cherry calls this brand as a “professional keyboard for fast & precise input”.

Cherry MX-Board 3.0 Switch Types

It isn’t really shocking, that Cherry features this keyboard with their own Cherry MX Switches. 4 different types of switches (Cherry MX Blue, MX Black, MX Red and MX Red are available for Cherry MX-Board 3.0.

It supports up to 14 keys pressed simultaneously which is enough for fast typing as well as for all types of gaming purposes. A special feature for the gamers is Win-Key lock to disable windows keys with a single press to avoiding unintentional minimizing of game.

Moreover this mechanical keyboard has 3 media keys on right top corner volume control. USB connection cable is around 180 cm long and also detachable. A palm rest isn’t included in the package however you can order it separately.

Technical Specifications for Cherry MX-Board 3.0


Dimensions: 446 mm x 158 mm x 28 mm
Weight: 830 grams
Cable Length: 180 cm


Connection: only USB
Illumination: Not available
Key Rollover: 14KRO
Numeric pad: available
Macro Keys: Not available
Media Keys: Dedicated media controls
USB Pass-through: Not Available


Cherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX Red

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 3 / 5 stars
“If you are buying most bare-bones mechanical keyboard for office work, Cherry MX-Board 3.0 is best, but it isn’t cheap. A choice of types of Cherry MX key-switches is key appeal.” – 4 / 5 points
“Cherry MX-Board 3.0 is about a no-frills design you can get, however inside the plain exterior design there is a well-built, general-purpose mechanical keyboard.” – 5 / 5 stars
“Cherry MX-Board 3.0 is touch-typist’s dream that would not break your bank.” – 88 percent
“When compared to most gaming keyboards, Cherry MX-Board 3.0 slightly lacks in possible features, however the typist will loves it.” 3.7 / 5 stars
“Great first gaming keyboard by Cherry, needs improvement, however it is a decent contender.”



Cherry MX Board 6.0 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For Beginners

Cherry MX Board 6.0 is much more expensive keyboard with many extras. It is comparatively much better as compared to Cherry MX Board 3.0 that is why company skip 2 numbers and labeled it directly MX Board 6.0.

Cherry doesn’t claim MX Board 6.0 as gaming keyboard, however with its red backlight illumination, full N-Key rollover (i.e. possibility to press all keys at once) and win key lock, you can definitely use it for gaming. Moreover, keyboard just available with Cherry MX Red switches that are also useful for gamers. Backlighting is basic, its brightness is adjustable. Moreover, status keys such as shift key light up in blue color, when activated.

It has an aluminum top housing to give a classy look to it. For additional comfort, it comes with media controls combined into function keys and rubber palm cushion with magnetic connector.

Technical Specifications for Cherry MX Board 6.0

Dimensions: 454 mm x 147 mm x 28.4 mm
Weight: 1350 gram
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (only one color)
Cable Length: 200 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not available
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: No Available
Switches: Only Cherry MX Red
Extras: Palm rest

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4 / 5 stars
“With MX Board 6.0, Cherry isn’t trying to step on its toes: it is well-built, however lacks the features we would expect.” – 7.5 / 10 points
“While this keyboard nails basic inputs for typing and gaming, high price tag and lack of features make Cherry MX board 6.0 hard to recommend against a well-rounded competition” – 4.5 / 5 stars
“Overall Cherry MX Board 6.0 is great looking and well-presented mechanical keyboard.” – 3 / 5 stars
“Swanky Looking keyboard is a solid performer, however it does not offer depth of features and cannot justify its price” – Gold Award
“Simply best, Cherry MX Board 6.0 is high performance, no-nonsense mechanical keyboard and its quality glows inside and outside”



CM Storm QuickFire Rapid – Compact Mechanical Keyboard with Desired Performance

Storm QuickFire Rapid is popular mechanical keyboard in US which is manufactured by Cooler Master (CM). It is popular for its build quality, good gaming performance as well as the fact that you get best value for the money you spend. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid has a unique ten-key-less design which means, it has no numeric pad and therefore it is slightly smaller than others.

Cherry MX Switches & Additional Keycaps

It is simple still a solid mechanical keyboard. It features Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Black. Availability of switches depends on the country because you cannot find all the switches across the globe.

2 neat extras of CM Storm QuickFire Rapid are additional keycaps as well as included keycap pullers. There are four red keycaps as an up, down, left and right (for example to replace WASD keycaps) and 2 CM keycaps.
CM QuickFire Rapid is best for gaming purposes. By default, it features 6 keys rollover. To connect it through included PS/2 adapter you get a mechanical keyboard with full NKRO. Dedicated gaming mode confirms that you will play without any disturbance and disables windows key.
It has no separate macro or media keys, however there are few media controls integrated into F5 to F12 function keys.

Technical Specifications for CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

Dimensions: 355 mm x 135mm x 35 mm
Weight: 940 gram
Connection: PS/2 and USB
Illumination: Not Available
Cable Length: 180 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO (through PS/2)
Numeric pad: Not available
Media Keys: Yes (integrated)
Macro Keys: Not available
Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Green, Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Reds
Extras: keycap puller, extra keycaps,

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms:

Tom’ – 7 / 10 points
“CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid offer great gaming performances within a tenkeyloess, compact design, however it is low on useful extras.” – 4.3 / 5 points
“Storm Quick Fire rapid is one of my personal favorite and it is a product that I would suggest highly to individual who attend LAN events.” – 4.5 / 5 stars
“Overall, CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid is fantastic with excellent build quality, great look and responsive keys” – 90 percent
“It is nice mechanical keyboard which offers extras we do not get from others.”



CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i

The CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i is successor of Quick Fire Rapid. It features white backlight illumination. Like Quick Fire Rapid, this mechanical keyboard also has tenkeyless design, so it has no numeric pad and is it is slightly smaller as compared to others.

Compact Keyboard Features Cherry MX Switches

Cooler Master continues with Cherry MX Switches, however unlike QuickFire Rapid offered with Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Green and Cherry MX Red, Quick Fire Rapid-i only comes with Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Red. Availability of different types of switches highly depends on region because not all switch types of switches are available in all region.

Quick Fire Rapid-i includes full NKRO through USB and therefore should not have any blocking or ghosting problems at all. Windows key can be locked while playing games and it helps you to avoid unintentional minimizing or closing the game. Quick Fire Rapid-I include media controls that are integrated into function keys however there are no macro keys.

Backlight illumination of Quick Fire Rapid-i

Most appealing new feature of Quick Fire Rapid-I is the white backlight illumination. There are 5 different illumination levels and 5 different modes. One of these versions is known as ActiveLite which makes the illumination to respond to your inputs. Keys will light up while you press them and turn off as you release.

Technical Specifications for CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i

Dimensions: 359mm x 138mm x 39 mm
Weight: 932 gram
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (1 color)
Cable Length: 180 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Not Available
Macro Keys: Not Available
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Not Available
Switches: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Red
Extras: keycap puller

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4 / 5 stars
“The biggest selling point for Rapid-I is its individually programmable white-backlit keys. Regardless to few minor quibbles, we are satisfied with how this rugged, handsome “tenkeyless” mechanical keyboard performs.” – 96 percent
“While QuickFire Rapid-i is a bit pricey, you get a very solid tenkeyless mechanical keyboard.” – 3.5 / 5 points
“CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i is a completely well-built, travelling-friendly mechanical gaming keyboard with few interesting illuminated effects, and you do not need extra software for using it.” – 84 percent
“Quick Fire Rapid-i is solid mechanical keyboard, with almost everything you want in terms of backlighting, therefore as long as you want white of course. It is costly however we feel it confirms its price tag.” – 9 / 10 points
“I have enjoyed with this little QuickFire Rapid-i, it is off course a well-focused piece of Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.”



CM Storm Quick Fire XTi – Mechanical Keyboard with Extras

CM Storm Quick Fire XTi is first mechanical gaming keyboard from Cooler Master which comes with multi-color backlighting. It is not full RGB lighting, however it has ample of customizing options and its very own advantages.

CM Quick Fire XTi is without any doubt a mechanical gaming keyboard. Not just the multi-color backlighting, but it also features a full NKRO (no ghosting or blocking) over USB as well as the windows key lock are the useful features that most if not all the gamers will enjoy. While this keyboard does not offer dedicated macro keys, it allows programming macros to any arbitrary key and does not need any software for doing so. Backlighting and macros are kept to one of the four profiles that can be switched at any time by simply pressing corresponding profile key. This option is very useful to customize different macros for many games.

As function keys F1-F12 are to control lighting and programming macros, media controls need to be moved somewhere else, i.e. with insert and delete keys. Quick Fire XTi features Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Red. Availability of different types of switches highly depends on region because not all switch types of switches are available in all region.

Backlight Illumination of Quick Fire XTi

Quick Fire XTi comes with red and blue LEDs, whose back lighting can be mixed and customized for all keys. You can select from 35 different colors possible. The key advantages of Quick Fire XTi versus other RGB boards is that there is no complex software required to customize the backlighting. Everything can be done via the functions keys directly on the keyboard.

The Quick Fire XTi offers various different lighting effects and modes. For instance it can light up keys that you press and can easily change colors over time and light up whole column and row of key that you pressed.

Technical Specifications for CM Storm Quick Fire XTi

Dimensions: 439mm x 130mm x 41 mm
Weight: 1114 gram
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (multicolor)
Cable Length: 150 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Not Available
Switches: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red
Extras: fully programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 9 / 10 points
“You would consider that Quick Fire XTi would look at various other RGB keyboard as well as be Green with Desire, but no. One way or another lack of complete RGB support appears to make Quick Fire XTi special.” – Gold Award
“Quick Fire XTi takes you in game rapidly without any fuss, powered by reliability of full NKRO and Cherry MX switches.” – 97 percent
“QuickFire XTi reminds, why we fall to them.” – Silver Award
“All in all this Quick Fire XTi is decent performer and it is jam packed with many features, some are useful, however others not so.” – 81 percent
“Quick Fire XTi offers loads of quality at each corner.”



Corsair Gaming K70 (Vengeance K70) – The One Keyboard to Rule Them All

Corsair is one of the leading mechanical gaming keyboard manufacturers. Corsair Gaming K70 (formerly Vengeance K70) is the existing standard series and Gaming K95 (formerly Vengeance K95) is the present series with the massive macro support (especially for MOBA- and MMO players).

Corsair Gaming K70 is available in 2 variations: The Gaming K70 RGB and the ordinary Gaming K70. As name already suggests, Corsair Gaming K70 offers red backlighting only and Corsair Gaming K70 RGB offers multicolor backlighting per key. Brightness although can be separately adjusted for all keys in either models.

Multicolor backlighting in Corsair Gaming K70 RGB leads to higher power consumption and consequently USB-Pass-through of K70 needs to be cut in K70 RGB version.

Both models don’t have dedicated macro keys, however there are still few differences for macro supporting. All keys of K70 RGB are programmable (through Corsair Utility Engine), so a macro can allocated to arbitrary keys on your keyboard. On the other hand ordinary K70 doesn’t support macros at all.

Cherry MX Switches
All Corsair Gaming K70 versions uses genuine Cherry MX Switches and are available with Cherry MX blue and Cherry MX red switches. K70 is available with Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX red, and Cherry MX brown switches.

All in all there are 5 variations of Corsair Gaming K70. Some shops and merchants list each as a separate product, do not let this puzzle you.

Extra Features
This keyboard has 104-Key-Rollover which means, that you could simultaneously press each single key on your keyboard and not even a single input be lost. For comfort in all situation, this keyboard comes with a detachable palm rest as well as dedicated media controls.

Technical Specifications for Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

Dimensions: 438mm x 163mm x 24 mm
Weight: 1200 gram
Connection: USB two ports
Illumination: available (RGB)
Cable Length: 200 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: available
Macro Keys: Not available
Media Keys: available dedicated media control
USB Pass-through: Not available
Switches: Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown
Extras: Palm rest, completely programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 2.5 / 5 stars
“Corsair’s K95 RGB and K70 RGB are best RGB mechanical keyboards, special thanks to original Cherry MX switches, however software side is a broken nightmarish.” – 9 / 10 points
“All in all I found little to no fault in K70 RGB, it seems expensive and the color range that this keyboard be configured is superb.” – 9 / 10 points
“If you need the world’s best and most impressively backlit mechanical keyboard, look nothing but Corsair K70 RGB.”

Tom’ – 4 / 5 stars
“Corsair K70 RGB is the best gaming keyboards, offering a plethora of solid performance and lighting options in sleek design.” – 10 / 10 points
“Having spent much time with Corsair K70 RGB as well as CUE, It can wholeheartedly be said it is my favorite keyboard for gaming purposes.” – 4.5 / 5 stars
“This one is color-customizable gaming mechanical keyboard. But unless you are ready to dig deeper, get ready to rumble with Corsair’s software.” – 86 percent
“It is rare that we get for the Extreme Ultra award while dealing with this humble keyboard, however if there is one thing Corsair K70 RGB isn’t, its humble.” – Performance Award
“Software is powerful however not intuitive. Keyboard itself has decent lighting, excellent build quality, plenty of effects and wonderful gaming/typing experience.” – 5 / 5 stars
“Corsair Gaming Keyboard gets off to flying start with world’s maiden mechanical keyboard with RGB-backlighting”. 4.5 / 5 stars
“Must have it, if you like backlighting. It looks fantastic as well as performs great.” – 4 / 5 points
“The Corsair Vengeance K70 with Cherry MX Red switches is mechanical gaming keyboard with great features that gamers will rapidly embrace, such as individual key backlight and swappable keycaps.” – 93 percent
“A robust, beautiful gaming keyboard and one of my favorite mechanical keyboard board around.”

Reviews from other languages – Note 1.52
Translated from German: “The Corsair K70 RGB with Cherry MX-RGB switches, which is still exclusive, makes them something special.”



Corsair Gaming K95 RGB (Vengeance K95)

Gaming K95 RGB (formerly Vengeance K95) is specifically designed for MOBA- and MMO- players. K95 RGB has huge macro support. On the left side, Vengeance has a block of eighteen separately programmable macro keys.

Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches
Corsair Gaming K95 RGB features genuine Cherry MX Brown and Blue Switches.

Because Vengeance K95 is gaming mechanical keyboard, it has extensive Anti-Ghosting features: i.e. 122-Key-Rollover enables you, to press all keys simultaneously without missing a single input.

As naming already suggests, Corsair Gaming K95 RGB completely support dynamic and multi-color backlighting. Illumination of each key can individually be adjusted. To make sure that keyboard does not only look good but it is comfortable also, Corsair has added removable wrist rest and the dedicated media keys.

Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Alternatives
If you like Corsair Gaming K95, but you do not want 18 macro keys, you could go for Corsair Gaming K70 RGB series which is much similar to Corsair K95, however has no macro control keys and therefore it is 3 inches smaller, less heavy and a bit cheaper as compared to the latter.

Technical Specifications for Corsair Gaming K95 RGB

Dimensions: 502mm x 163mm x 24 mm
Weight: 1400 gram
Connection: USB (2 ports)
Illumination: Available (RGB)
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: 18 keys
Media Keys: Dedicated media controls
USB Pass-through: Not Available
Switches: Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown
Extras: Fully Programmable and palm rest, fully programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4 / 5 points
“Corsair Gaming Vengeance K95 combines extensive gaming features and sophisticated design in one of the best mechanical keyboards we have seen for both professional as well as gaming purpose” – 4 / 5 stars
“Corsair Gaming Vengeance K95 mechanical keyboard is best for PC gamers with ample of desk space and tendency for high-level MMO play.” – 4.5 / 5 stars
“Best mechanical keyboard we have tested for bridging gaming and serious work.” – Gold Award
“Gaming Vengeance K95 is one of the most exceptional mechanical gaming keyboards which its place as flagship in Corsair’s updated range.”



Logitech G610 Orion Red / Brown

G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red are 2 mechanical keyboards manufactured by Logitech that include Cherry MX Switches. Previous 2 mechanical keyboard from Logitech (G810 Orion Spectrum and G910 Orion Spark) included Romer-G Switches that were the proprietary switches by Logitech company. With G610, there 2 more choices to go with Logitech & Cherry MX Switches ( G710+ also had Cherry MX Switches).

G810 versus G610

Logitech G610 is very much similar to G810 Orion Spectrum. Design of both keyboards is mostly same. Both of them use full-size layout with numeric pad, have no dedicated macro keys and have similar media keys. One can assign macros to function keys. The 2 key differences are the illumination and switch types used (G610 boards has Cherry MX Switches while G810 board has Romer-G Switches). G610 offers only white backlighting while G810 offers full RGB illumination. However even though G610 has only white illumination, it can still be customized with Logitech Gaming Software.

G610 Orion Brown versus G610 Orion Red

Only difference between G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red is type of switches they use. The G610 Orion brown uses Cherry MX brown while G610 Orion Red uses Cherry MX Red.

Technical Specifications for Logitech G610 Orion Brown/Red

Dimensions: 444mm x 153mm x 34 mm
Weight: 1259 gram
Connection: only USB
Illumination: Available (1 color)
Cable Length: 183 centimeter
Key Rollover: 26KRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not Available
Media Keys: Dedicated controls
USB Pass-through: Not Available
Switches: Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4 / 5 stars
“It is light on features, however typing performance is second-to-none.” – 4 / 5 points
“Even though other mechanical keyboards pack some fancy features, Logitech’s G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red offer simple yet reliable performance which mechanical keyboards enthusiasts will really appreciate.” – 90 percent
“There is almost no good entry point for the users who are looking to step up to premium gaming mechanical keyboard or more reliable office companion.” – 7 / 10 points
“Logitech G610 Orion goes a step forward and a step back at the same time, introducing genuine Cherry MX keys, however removing Orion G810’s complete RGB lighting option. This mechanical keyboard is attractive and comfortable, even if keys are too quiet.”



Logitech G710 Plus

Logitech is definitely one of the most popular manufacturer of input devices including popular gaming mice and keyboards. Although selection is very broad, at present it has only 2 mechanical keyboards in their line and Logitech G710 Plus is one of them.

Features of Logitech G710 Plus

The Logitech G710 Plus is available with blue or brown Cherry MX switches.
All keys on Logitech G710 Plus have clear white backlighting. Their brightness is adjustable to one of four levels. WASD keys and arrow keys have separate color. Their brightness can be adjusted separately from rest of the keyboard keys.
To avoid unintentional closing and minimizing of your games, Logitech G710 Plus has “Game Mode Switch” that disables windows key. To operate complex commands there are 6 programmable macro keys on left hand side of this keyboard.
Although we all have only 10 fingers, it’s virtually impossible, to press more than 10 keys simultaneously. However just for case, Logitech G710 Plus has a 26-Key-Rollover.
For comfort for both gaming and for daily routine jobs, Logitech G710 Plus comes with more features like USB Passthrough to allow you to connect USB device directly to keyboard, detachable palm or wrist rest and multimedia keys to simplify media playback and volume control.

Technical Specifications for Logitech G710 Plus

Dimensions: 526 mm X 229 mm X 60 mm
Weight: 2177 grams
Connection: USB (2 ports)
Illumination: Available (one color)
Key Rollover: 26KRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Available (6 keys)
Media Keys: Available (Dedicated media controls)
USB Pass-through: Available
Switches: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue
Extras: Wrist rest

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 4 / 5 Stars
“Logitech G710 Plus has approximately everything that a good gaming mechanical keyboard needs and nothing inessential.” – 4 / 5 stars
“If you can get over Logitech G710 Plus’s cramped key layout, you will find it as an exceptional gaming keyboard.” – 96 Percent
“Over the years, Logitech has built very solid foundation for its peripherals, and none of that was lost with them researching into slightly new market with G710 Plus gaming keyboard.” – 80 percent
“Logitech G710 Plus is not perfect. The odd styling in this keyboard is an immediate turn off and its USB pass-through is just useless, but, all in all it offers a good balance of features, a perfect typing experience.” – 3.5 / 5 stars
“Regardless it stand as keyboard technology leader, this keyboard is first mechanical switch keyboard from Logitech’s gaming G-series range.” – 3.5 / 5 stars
“Logitech’s entry into mechanical keyboards is overpriced, backlit gaming model which looks and feels great, however it could provide a bit more value for the price.” – 3.5 / 5 points
“Logitech G710 Plus is a solid gaming mechanical keyboard which offers the best gaming features, however its cheap construction makes its price feel excessive.”



Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. TE (Tournament Edition)

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. is popular among all gamers. These keyboards typically offer lots of utilities and performance, however also have high price. The Mad Catz Strike is first mechanical keyboard its manufacturer and fairly low priced as compared to other similar keyboards. It uses brown mechanical switches provided by Chinese manufacturer Kailh.

Mad Catz Strike TE Features

It gives a 30-Key rollover as an anti-ghosting measure. This makes it a perfect piece of all types of games. It has 12 macro keys that can be used in 3 different modes. Therefore overall you can execute 36 user defined commands.

There aren’t any dedicated media control keys, however keys F5 to F12 also work as built-in short keys for controlling brightness of illumination and to control multimedia.

It has white backlighting, with adjustable brightness for single key or whole key areas such as WASD. For rounding up gaming package, windows key can also be disabled by sliding switch.

Mad Catz Strike TE Colors

Difference between them is just their appearance, therefore whatever color you opt, you will have Brown Kailh switches. All models come with detachable wrist rest with matching color of keyboard.

Technical Specifications for Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. TE

Connection: USB
Illumination: Available only in one color
Cable Length: 200 centimeter
Key Rollover: 30KRO
Numeric pad: available
Macro Keys: available 12 keys
Media Keys: available (integrated)
USB Pass=through: Not available
Switches: Kailh Brown
Extras: Wrist rest

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – Performance Award
“Their keys are no doubt critical for the success of gaming keyboard. Mad Catz comes with Kailh brown switches, with 50m stroke duration.” – 3.5 / 5 points
“S.T.R.I.K.E. is the maiden mechanical gaming keyboard in the line of Mad Catz Company, and it is a big improvement over previous keyboards under Mad Catz, however there are few features that fail.”

Reviews in other languages – Note 1.54
“Translated From German:”The debut of the first mechanical keyboard from the house of Mad Catz is fully accomplished.”



Das Keyboard 4 – Mechanical Keyboard for Professionals

Das Keyboard 4, the successor of famous Das Keyboard S is manufactured by Metadot Corporation. Metadot remains true with the philosophy of its product line and passes on the fancy features such as backlight illumination and lots of macro control keys. However Das keyboard 4 has its very own strengths

Never Change A Winning Team

Just like its predecessors, the Das Keyboard 4 is manufactured with genuine Cherry MX Switches. You can pick between Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red. But be careful! Just full format mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switch. Das Keyboard 4 C is manufactured with the Greetech switches.
Key cap inscriptions are actually laser-etched to avoid fading. This keyboard comes with its very own unique fonts, designed to offer easy reading as well as harmonious view of key caps of the keyboard.

Integrated USB hub is there to support USB 3.0 and it comes in really very handy. Up to 2 USB devices can easily be connected to this keyboard.
Dedicated Media Controls and Classy Design

Das Keyboard 4 does not offer outstanding features, however it itself seems to be very classy. Its surface is actually refined with aluminum. For raising it there is a removable magnetically foot-bar. That is exceptional and possibly lasts longer as compared some smaller keyboard feet.

An additional improvement in this keyboard are media controls, i.e. some dedicated keys for pause/play, mute, next/back as well as a big knob to adjust volume. To slightly satisfy the gamers also, this keyboard also offers NKRO which means that you can press as many keys simultaneously as you want. With Das Keyboard 4, you can even work in USB mode and there isn’t any PS/2 adapter necessary.

Models of Das Keyboard 4

It’s available in different variations.
Das Keyboard 4 Professional is normal edition with the labels
Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is entirely blank
Das Keyboard 4 Professional für Mac for Mac users
Das Keyboard 4C is compact version i.e. (without dedicated media controls and without numeric pad).

All these variations comes with brown and blue switches. The naming usually contains color of the switch itself or “Soft Clicky” for MX Brown and “Clicky” for MX Blue.

Technical Specifications for Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Dimensions: 457mm x 172mm x 20 mm
Weight: 1300 grams
Connection: only USB
Illumination: Not available
Cable Length: 201 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not Available
Media Keys: Dedicated media Keys
USB Pass-through: Available (USB Hub)
Switches: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 90 percent
“With new features and an improved build, the 4th generation of Das Keyboard is the best version yet.” – 8 / 10 points
“I can straightaway recommend Das Keyboard 4 to anyone who works in Information Technology field and especially those who are hammering it a keyboard for more than 8 hours a day” – 4 / 5 stars
“Das Keyboard 4 offers iconic keyboard into ’10s, along with a pair of USB 3.0 ports and neat media controls. However minimal tilt adjustment can be frustrated for some users, and price is slightly high, given lack backlighting and swelling ranks of competition.” – 95 percent
“Top notch components and a design which stands test of time with laser etched caps as well as a elegant aesthetics that most if not all users can appreciate.” – 4 / 5 points
“Uncompromising, no-frills mechanical key board along with a faultless build, even though it lacks macros that are need by some gamers.” – 4 / 5 points
“Superb typing experience as well as outstanding new features characterize Das Keyboard 4, however those benefits do not come at cheap price.”

Reviews in other languages – Note 2.01
Translated from German: “The keyboard 4 Professional test: New model of the mechanical ED keyboard”



Das Keyboard Model S

Das Keyboard Model S is mechanical keyboard manufactured by Metadot Corporation. This keyboard won hearts of most if not all keyboard fanatics, because it looks and feels similar to the legendary keyboard Model M manufactured by IBM.

Cherry MX Switches & Laser Etched Key Caps

It features Cherry MX Brown Switches and Cherry MX Blue for (“soft tactile”) and (“clicky”) respectively. To avoid fading their Key cap inscriptions are laser-etched.
It can be used for gaming and typing as well. However many typical gaming features are lacking such as no gaming code and no illumination. Additionally this keyboard need to be connected through PS/2 in order to get full NKRO, else you will only get 6KRO.

This keyboard can be connected through 2 USB ports or through 1 PS/2 Port + USB Port. However do not worry, you would not lost USB ports as integrated hub provide you 2 additional USB slots. Das Keyboard Model S is without dedicate media controls, however there are few shortcuts on function keys.

Different Naming and Models of Das Keyboard Model S

There are different version of Das Keyboard Model S
Professional edition is standard keyboard, available with either Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue.
Ultimate edition is the keyboard without labels, available with either Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue.
A special edition of Das Keyboard for Mac users that features only Cherry MX Blue.

Reseller and manufacturers are slightly sloppy with naming of keyboards, because their names are slightly inconsistent. However usually word “Click Pressure Point” or “Clicky’ are used for naming the model with Cherry MX Blue switches and words “Soft Tactile” or “Soft Clicky” or “Soft Pressure Point” are for keyboard models with Cherry MX Brown switches.

Technical Specifications for Das Keyboard Model S Professional

Dimensions: 457mm x 165mm x 25 mm
Weight: 1360 grams
Connection: Available PS/2 and USB and PS/2
Illumination: Not Available
Cable Length: 200 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO (through PS/2)
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not Available
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Available (USB Hub)
Switches: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 9 / 10 points
“If you can manage lack of LED backlighting or Macros, Das Keyboard Model S Professional provides a very good gaming experience, but it is also good regular keyboard” – 4.5 / 5 points
“A mechanical keyboard that would not annoy your coworkers” – 93 percent
“Whether at job or for home use, Das Keyboard Model S Professional is definitely for writers.” – 4 / 5 stars
“It looks very good, feels very good, has a neat feature or two, and does not cost too high.” – 9 / 10 points
“If you are looking for a well built and a solid keyboard which provides both audible and tactile feedback consider Das Keyboard Professional S.”



Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow is a mechanical keyboard which is very popular for gaming. In early 2010 Razer presented its first model of BlackWidow. It was one of the first mechanical keyboards that were specifically manufactured for gaming purposes. Razer uses its own switches, called “New Razer Switches” that were specially designed for gaming purposes and are now available in 2 variations:

Razer Orange Switches (Silent) and Razer Green Switches (“Clicky”).

Razer Green Switch

Razer Green Switches are designed with optimized actuation and reset points to provide best gaming performance. Every intense fast actuation is signaled by distinctive click and it resets itself to fire again at around half the distance of any standard mechanical switch, therefore you can enjoy speed like you have never experienced before.

Razer Orange Switch

Experience swift and silent actuations with Razer Mechanical Orange Switch. Optimized actuation with reset points confirm that you will be ready to fire again in just half the time as compared to other standard mechanical switches, therefore every time you are guaranteed best performance.

Features of BlackWidow Chroma

The BlackWidow Chroma is most recent version of series and it comes with support for an individual illumination. Every single key on this mechanical keyboard can be lit in 1 of 16.8 million colors and the software completely supports many enormous effects.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma backlighting isn’t the only feature that makes it the great gaming option. This keyboard includes a 10 key rollover that is surely sufficient for all types of game.

Game mode will disable the windows key and risky shortcuts such as Alt + Tab. By this you can avoid unintentional minimizing or closing the game.
With its completely programmable keys, BlackWidow Chroma is ready to face all situations. A Microphone-out and audio in, a USB Pass-through as well as 5 extra macro keys complete your package to make BlackWidow Chroma an excellent all-purpose keyboard.

BlackWidow Chroma’s Tournament Edition

The BlackWidow Chroma’s Tournament Edition is compact version of this mechanical keyboard which has no numeric pad, no macro keys, no USB pass-through and no Audio-in or Microphone-out. However it is of course a smaller and much more lightweight model. It is generally slightly cheaper as compared to its full-size model. The BlackWidow Chroma Tournament Edition is available with Razer Orange Switches or Razer Green Switches, similar to its full-size version.

Technical Specifications for Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Dimensions: 475mm x 171mm x 39 mm
Weight: 1500 gram
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (RGB)
Key Rollover: 10KRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Available (5 keys)
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Available
Switches: Razer Orange, Razer Green
Extras: fully programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – Gold Award
“Razer BlackWidow Chroma Tournament Edition is a powerful and compact gaming mechanical keyboard that can simply be personalized through the software included in the package.” – 4 / 5 stars
“All in all, Razer BlackWidow Chroma is great mechanical keyboard and a quick recommendation for all types of gamers.” – 79 percent
“If you love Razer BlackWidow Chroma’s design, want an easier fine-tuning it and have the cash to spare then it is the best mechanical keyboard for you, however otherwise Corsair’s is best for you.” – Gold Award
“The quality of body of this keyboard is decent, it feels solid and lighting is strong.” – 4.5 / 5 stars
“Razer BlackWidow Chroma finally ditches those neon green and black color scheme to allow you to choose your very own adventure, only if you are really willing to pay.” – 10 / 10 points
“If you can pass through latter, you will find yourself possessing the best looking Mechanical Gaming keyboards available in the market along with performance to match.” – 5/5 points
“All in all, Razer BlackWidow Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard is a welcome addition to Razer’s line of gaming keyboard.”



Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016

Razer BlackWidow appears among world’s best gaming mechanical keyboard series. First model of this legendary keyboard was launched in year 2010, when mechanical gaming keyboards were considered as a niche product.

Razer introduces various BlackWidow keyboards models and differentiates between “Elite”, “Chroma” and “Essential”. Chroma series includes premium keyboards that has full RGB illuminiation, Elite offers only one color illumination and Essential offers cheap mechanical keyboards with no illumination.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 comes in Elite series and was first launched by the company in 2015 as a successor of Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 versus 2016

In terms of appearance Razer BlackWidow Ulitmate 2016 is quite similar to Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014. The layout of keyboard and assignment of functions keys are nearly same, only dedicated macro keys on left hand side were omitted. However the Ultimate 2016 can assign macros to any arbitrary key, so it does not necessarily need dedicated keys. As a mechanical gaming keyboard, Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 offers 10-Key-Rollover for Anti-Ghosting, which is enough for all types of games. Moreover, both have combined audio/microphone jack as well as USB pass-through in order to connect other devices.

Biggest advancement in 2016 is illumination. While it is yet same Razer Green Color, now there are almost all lightening effects that were in Chroma. So you can utilize Razer Synapse software for configuring lightening. Despite illumination, switches is another change in Ultimate 2016. While 2014 used Kailh Switches, BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 features some exclusive Razer switches, although manufactured by Kailh, but behave differently. The choices are in between, Razer Orange for Stealth and Razer Green for Clicky.

Technical Specifications for Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016

Dimensions: 475mm x 171mm x 39 mm
Weight: 1500 gram
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (one color)
Key Rollover: 10KRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not Available
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Available
Switches: Razer Orange, Razer Green
Extras: fully programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – Silver Award
“BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 is available with many subtle improvements like anti-smudge coating, to help it looks fresh. Although it is limited to green backlighting, now it can fully implement the advanced lighting effects as well as customizations through configuring Synapse software.” – 4 / 5 stars
“Razer’s BlackWidow 2016 offers minor improvements over its 2014 predecessor, however it is still a solid option and all-around improvement.”

Kit – 9/10 points
“It is one of the best mechanical keyboard, which is costly however their switches are well and must be given serious consideration.”



SteelSeries Apex M500 – Robust Mechanical Gaming Experience

Apex M500 is another mechanical keyboard manufactured by SteelSeries that offers more features as compared to the SteelSeries 6Gv2 however but lesser as compared to flagship model Apex M800.

Main selling points of 6Gv2 was the high build quality. SteelSeries needs to keep up this success story and it promotes Apex M500 as a very durable option. They say it is created with “toughest plastics as well as reinforced with back plate made of battle-hardened steel”. While only the time will tell, if Apex M500 achieves same endurance as offered by its predecessor, there isn’t any actual reason to doubt the performance of this keyboard.

Apex M500 includes Cherry MX Red Switches and because of this it usually classifies itself as an appropriate mechanical gaming board. Moreover it provides N-Key Rollover and a full Anti-Ghosting that also clearly targets the ambitious gamers.

SteelSeries Apex M500 versus 6GV2

So, what is new in comparison of the 6Gv2? Apart from Cherry MX Red Switch Apex M500 includes backlight illumination. Apex M500 offers only blue LEDs, however you can also change the brightness as well as the illumination pattern. There are 4 different brightness levels and 3 different breathe settings. The illumination configuration can be done over a software known as “SteelSeries Engine” which is also responsible to program macros that can be defined for virtually every arbitrary key. Few multimedia functions are already defined for functional keys F5 to F12.

Perhaps you remember, 6Gv2 didn’t have any windows key. In its place it include a “SteelSeries key” that provided few other functionality. Although this avoided unintentional game closing or minimizing, it may sound weird for those who were used to windows key. Apex M500 is now available with a windows key again by moving SteelSeries key to right side of space bar key and you can also disable the windows key while playing a game. An added feature is a new little cable management system that gives you multiple choices to run your cable from keyboard to your computer.

Technical Specifications for SteelSeries Apex M500

Dimensions: 441mm x 137mm x 40 mm
Weight: 1241 grams
Connection: USB
Illumination: Available (only in one color)
Cable Length: 200 centimeter
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numeric pad: Available
Macro Keys: Not available
Media Keys: Available (integrated)
USB Pass-through: Not Available
Switches: Cherry MX Red
Extras: fully programmable

Ratings From Top IT & Tech Platforms: – 95 percent
“SteelSeries APEX M500 looks simple, however there is much more to it. All built-in features, brilliant LED lighting, and choices which SSE3 software offers makes your investment completely worth it.” – 4 / 5 points
“The SteelSeries Apex M500 is sleek and minimalist gaming keyboard which is also comfortable and customizable, as well as reasonably priced.” – 9 / 10 points
“The SteelSeries Apex M500 is a damn good Gaming keyboard, but it is no more than that! But to decry what it’s not got would be to miss the point of this keyboard entirely. This keyboard is for Pro Gamers and not so much for enthusiasts like perhaps you and me.” – 8 / 10 points
“In the end you get a great value with the Apex M500. It’s a keyboard which is definitely going to last a longer period of time.” – 8 / 10 points
“Apex M500’s intelligent design and comfortable keys provide an attractive prospect to eSports enthusiasts.”

Reviews in other languages – Note 1.46
Translated From German: “The Razer Black Widow Chroma is a successful combination of the already well-equipped Black Widow models with an extensive key illumination in the complete RGB color spectrum.”



Mechanical Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

If you are a computer user of specific age then you are aware about that there was an era when room-filling clicking was similar to typing or striking the keys as you see the words. However the typewriters on which generations of aspiring novel writers and office workers learned how to type were not the only places you would find the mechanical keyboards. Even during the time of 1980, these mechanical keyboards were used as common part of every computer systems just like floppy drives, the reason behind this early invention and implementation was because the computer users who were producing as well as using these type of keyboards knew about what typing on computer should, be.

Unfortunately, with the bang of the home based personal computer trend in in market in the year 1990s and early 2000s, all these tough fixtures fell by the wayside because the manufacturers were attracted to look for much cheaper solutions for mass markets in order to get tens of millions of more consumers on their devices and machines as well as online. Typing is the most common activity among all the other computing activities so it became something that you as well as your fingers needed to endure.

Fortunately, things have changed over last decades, and mechanical keyboards have become once again a popular, even viable, alternatives to cheap keyboards that were omnipresent. If you need to purchase one for yourself, whether just because you really care the way you used to type or just because you need something that is better designed in order to withstand rigors of daily use to which most if not all the users focuses their keyboards, here is what you really need to be aware about if you want to choose right thing for right purpose.

Fundamentals of Mechanical Keyboards

In the first place, something that actually defines mechanical keyboard is nature of key switch that are used in mechanical keyboards. Most if not all, budget keyboards now days use a technology known as dome-switch, which registers or recognize a key press when you push down or type silicone dome and you connect 2 traces of circuit board. Although this is a very easy style as well as inexpensive for a manufacturer, it needs a comparatively a larger amount of force that can end up in a mushy or heavy feel to user as well as lack of auditory or tactile feedback as you push a key or type. Additionally, after a short period of time (5 million keystrokes, more or less), domes can work less and either collapse as well or even stop working overall, therefore you will probably need to change your keyboard at least once or twice over the life span of your computer.

In contrast mechanical switches, avoid silicone altogether. The pressing down on key actuates a real and physical switch which recognize and registers whatever you type. As the parts in such device are more substantial as compared to those used in keyboards that uses dome switch, because mechanical keyboards have relatively a long life span and even some of them can boast a ratings of more than 50 million of keystrokes per switch and can also outlast the 2 or more computer you used them with. They create more direct relationship between person who is typing and the sentences or commands that appear on computer screens. Because of hardware used mechanical keyboards, they are heavier, thicker, and expensive as compared to the dome-switch keyboards, making them much more of their expense, if one that is likely to spend more if the typing quality is really an important need.

Switches Role in Mechanical Keyboard

When you are buying a keyboard you must pay attention to the type of switches it uses. Whether it features an auditory feedback or you can say it makes click sound as you press a key, or it has a tactile feedback or bump that you can experience while pressing, as well as the amount of the pressure that switches need to trigger the actuation force will affect functionality of your keyboard in a great way.

Cherry MX Switches

Most popular and most of the time experienced mechanical keyboard switches are from an organization known as Cherry and respectively Cherry MX switches are available in a wide array of styles and functionality to offer diversified operations as well as feedback that better match it with your very own preferences and the nature of work or game you intend to perform mostly on them (however all include an actuation point 2mm).

This brief overview of the most renowned Cherry switches will allow you properly compare what you require with the wireless mechanical keyboard you purchase. Remember that in spite of the fact that these all these facts may or may not be similar to the switches of similar type made by the other keyboard switch manufacturer, practically every maker keeps up a similar essential coloring scheme in order to to help avoid confusion.

Cherry MX Blue:

Nearest guess of old-school buckling spring type switch with newest style component, Cherry MX Blue switches are clicky as well as tactile, therefore you can easily feel and hear the sound of completion of every keystrokes. These switches are perfect for professional typists (a large portion of whom demand the switches to convey a turbocharged bounce you cannot get from any other place), yet not best for playing games applications, because they have a fairly great actuation force (of around 50 cN or centi-Newtons) than you may lean towards fast-twitch gun battle. One more potential drawback is that only a few user discover the keys’ capable of being heard click very irritating and loud that may cause issues for nearby people, whether at home or at workplace.

Cherry MX Black:

With highest actuation of standard verities of Cherry MX (60cN), Cherry MX black can seem to be stiff and relatively entirely inappropriate to the type of nimble key stroke that most if not all touch and speedy typists rely on. Be that as it may, this makes Cherry MX black a great switch for situations where accuracy is essential part for instance entering mission-critical information, gaming or say, as you will never need to bother about unintentionally pressing a key twice a time. Cherry MX black are neither clicky nor tactile.

Cherry MX Red:

Like Cherry MX Black, MX Red lack both auditory feedback and tactile. However, they have lower activation force of (45cN), therefore they can be strike more often and more quickly, giving you an advantage in any type of title that demand an ultra-fast input. All these same abilities, in any case, keep them from being best option if writing a document is your most important activity, as these switches make it simpler for registering much more keystrokes.

Cherry MX Brown:

In the event when you invest most of the time and energy typing email messages and word document as you do cutting down charging adversaries, Cherry MX Brown switches are highly suitable for you. 45cN actuation force in it is similar to what you can get from Cherry MX Red switches and the switch is not clicky, however it offers you a similar typing boosted tactile bumps you can get from Cherry MX Blue.

Other Types of Cherry MX switches:

Although all above switches are the types of keyboard switches you mostly find in the keyboards you buy, Cherry MX’s rainbow extends somewhat further.
Cherry MX Clear keyboard switches are tactile similar to brown, yet you can have a high actuation force.
Cherry MX Green switches can be viewed as stiff version of Blues, both clicky and tactile;
Cherry MX White switches are the quieter version of Greens which pare best for people looking for quiet mechanical keyboards. A few different types have special purpose uses, (for example, used on the space bars), however will once in a while be recognized according to any marketing material or any package.

Other Manufacturers of Keyboard Switches

Various manufacturer make switches which either copy or to enhance the functionality of Cherry MX. Few gaming keyboards switches, e.g. have shorter actuation points to dispatch you into an activity faster, so Razer just built up a hybrid “Mecha-Film” variety which utilizes mechanical means in order to activate a silicone dome switches. (Up till now, we have just observed this in the manufacturer’s Ornata Chroma, although it is probably going to appear in different models later on.)

Not a single variety of such keyboard switches has ended up as well known or common as Cherry MX, however, in general they are not worth talking about. If you run over any brand of keyboard using a new type of keyboard switch, try to find its actuation point and actuation force. Compare all these qualities with Cherry MX switches, and you can get an idea of what to choose.

An exclusive switch you see in the market is indeed a Quintessential Mechanical Switch. Buckling spring switch was utilized as a part of the existing-incredible IBM version M keyboard that had an influence in the generation of 1980. Some of them are still being used at present, are still found in keyboards from manufacturers that obtained its assembling rights. One of the name is Unicomp which is company’s Ultra Great certainly lives to company’s name.)

Buckling spring keyboard utilizes an original spring to actuate the switch and when it buckles in center on pressing, it creates tactile and auditory input (the last from spring striking the divider). Keyboards utilizing this type of switch aren’t very common at present, yet they are priced for their unmatched typing capability as well as psychological fulfillment: With no other type of mechanical keyboards do you listen to the switch activate at a similar moment it really does.
More Features

Apart from type of switches used in mechanical keyboards, they are generally similar to other types, and can have similar types of features and elements. You may need backlight, regardless of whether of single color or a complete range of colors can program at your impulse.

Multimedia controls, regardless of whether they are activated by pressing separate buttons and by utilizing Function keys to get to an optional capability on any standard key, can make it simple to set volume of sound or move forward and backward in your tracking list when playing the music. Dedicated full scale controls can become a real help while playing games by saving you from the difficulties of typing out long sentences of commands each time you need to play out a common activity.

Regardless, whatever you need from your keyboards, you can get mechanical keyboards that fit for making it completely practical, with more life span, heft, and styles than you can have expect conceivable. Mechanical consoles are now back and setting down deep roots, and they are likely to just improve as more customers understand the advantages they provide to laser-centered typists, aggressive gamers, and everybody in the middle.

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