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Rat poison is a rodenticide which works by preventing thickening or clotting of in smaller animals. Mouse or rats that ingest it eventually expire from internal hemorrhaging or by obtaining even small wound. Rat traps is first step against newly found rat plague. Rat traps basically kill/catch rats so you can dispose it immediately. In contrast, poison doesn’t kill it immediately, rather, it remains in its body for some time until it dies and usually in some hidden location, and if not dispose properly, it will stink up whole home. Rat poisons also comes with some safety risks to pets and kids who accidently ingest it.

In general, rat poisons are effective for outdoor use, where you can keep rat poison close to rat’s den without any fear of kids and pets will ingest it. While using poison indoors, it is strongly suggested to use bait stations that are usually boxes containing rat poisons inside. They are designed particularly to just let rats and any other rodents in and keep children and pets out. Remember to only use rat poison where rat traps failed to completely stop rat infestation. There are more demerits than merits of using rat poison over rat trap. But rat poison are extremely strong solution to stop serious rat issues. Rats are smart and easily adapt to environments, but stubborn to dislike newer things and may not fall for conventional rat traps, they we set up meticulously. They aren’t smart enough to warn other rats about traps, however can learn the patterns and conclude that these traps are to eliminate them. Rat poison just provide alternative to kill them. Using combination of rat posing and traps is therefore recommended. Rat poison usually comes with bait blocks or bait station. EPA strongly suggest the use of bait station and frequently you cannot even purchase rat poison blocks separately.

Rat poison has evolved over years, and switched from anticoagulant based to bromethalin based poison. In year 2008, EPA restricted selling of few anticoagulant based poisons, leading industry to make new types of poisons that are made from bromethalin. Unlike anticoagulant that kill rats through preventing blood clots that takes 5 days, to kill them, bromethalin is a neurotoxin that works faster by decreasing ATP production and effects liver and brain to kill rat within 24 hours.


Tomcat Rat Killer II

It is the best bromethalin based rat poison that comes with rat bait station. Tomcat is a well-known brand and trusted for always delivering quality products. As mentioned above, bromethalin is a new type of method. Before this anticoagulants were used in rat poisons and since EPA has restricted its use, most companies have switched to bromethalin which kills rats as fast as under 24 hours. Among all bromethalin based rat poisons, Tomcat is best. While bromethalin is all same across the industry, what’s makes difference is how poison is packaged. To test which one attracted rats more, we placed all poison blocks in an area and observed rat activity for a week and Tomcat attracted more as compared to other brands.

It also comes with bait station which is a box that store poison. It helps to secure your pets and children from reaching inside and ingesting it. Bait station has a minute opening which is big enough for rat to enter and after crawling some gaps it reaches the poison bait. With rat bait poison and bait station in a combo, this package is the best deal.



Farnam Just One Bite II Bar

Farnam is the best anticoagulant based rat poison that contain bromadiolone as anticoagulant. It works by preventing blood clotting inside rat’s body and kills it off internal bleeding or hermmorhaging. It takes 4 to 5 days to kill the rat. It is formulated to roof rats, Norway rats and house mice even. Farnam works quite fine to attract rats. It is mixed with bait to create a scent to attract rats. Other anticoagulants are not very effective to attract the rats. Rats are very choosy eaters and smart. They are extremely aware of newer things and avoid them after sometimes. We suggest to use rat poison in combination with rat traps to immediately exterminate rat infestation.

Farnam is more effective than other generic poison bars available at convenience stores. It looks like yellow soap with small seeds stuffed inside it. It is easier to use, just break them into small pieces and lay them wherever rats travel. We suggest to find out type of rats you have and then place the poison bars on appropriate place.



JT Eaton Bait Block, Peanut Butter Flavor

JT Eaton is best for those looking for safe anticoagulant with peanut butter flavor. The 10 pound jug packs 72 small blocks of poison which kills all sorts of rats and mice. Quantity is enough to kill multiple colonies. Its active ingredient is diphacinone that is first generation anticoagulant, which means it need multiple feeding of rat to build toxicity. As you think it is bad, it is equally bad for kids and pets at your home, so there is time in order to flush poison out. 2nd generation anticoagulants are quite toxic for kids and children after first feeding and have even banned by EPA.

It takes long for 1st generation anticoagulant poison to kill rats, however the tradeoff is worth it. When you do not want to take risk of your kids and pets lives, first generation is safer alternative. Because of its peanut butter flavor rats find it’s irresistible. It is difficult to find 1st generation poison which actually works as it needs to be attractive enough to for rats attract them back for more. These peanut butter flavor is as addicting to rats as smoking is to us. As soon as they try it, they need to comeback. Overall , JT Eaton Bait Block, is best rat poison if you want to eliminate whole colony of rats as well as a safer solution to keep your pets and children free from any risk.



D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits For Mice Brodifacoum Mice – 3.0 oz. – 4ct

D-Con Ready Mix Bait is most deadly rat poison that works effectively. It comes with 4 bait trays that you can place in many different location where you feel that rats and mice are. Moreover it has a chemical known as brodifacoum that is much devastating to kill mice or other rodents right after feeding.

You will find dead rats or mice 4 – 5 days after you feed the bait. The best thing about this rat poisin is that it also eradicate warfarin resistant rats and mice. It you want high performance and efficiency that eliminate all the rodents in your house, office, farm, D-Con Ready Mix Baits is the best fit for you. This product comes in 12 OZ pack.



MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bromethalin Bait Chunx, 4-Pound

MOTOMCO is the ideal rat poison for your farms and homes. This all weathers rat poison can attract all rats and mice from hideouts to come and taste this poison because of their human based food ingredients. It kills the rodents instantly on a small consumption and therefore you do not need to use most of the poison to eliminate all of the rodents in your house. It weighs just 4 pounds and include bromethalin which is a strong acute toxicant to cause immediate respiratory choke to the rats. The time they taste this bait, they stop feeding because it chokes instantly, so more control with lesser quantity. Therefore if you have anticoagulant resistant roof rats or Norway mice or rats or house mice, get one of this pack and have a peace of mind in your farm and home as well.


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