Confidence in Relationships – Psychologist Advice

Trust is the foundation on which the relationship between man and woman is built. We open ourselves to another person: we trust our secrets and desires, share our personal stories, money, trust the child. We hope that this trust will be justified.

The psychologist helped to understand difficult questions of trust.

Confidence in Relationships

What is trust in a relationship?

“Trust in psychology is an open, positive relationship between people, containing confidence in the decency and benevolence of another person with whom the trustee is in some way or another.”

What determines the level of trust in a person?

“The level of our trust depends on the behavior and actions of the other person, but it’s still necessary to focus on actions, not on appearance and behavior, as they are deceptive. I advise you not to trust those who flatter you and say compliments, but to those people who openly can tell the truth, even if it is not very pleasant. ”

How to regain lost trust?

“If trust is lost – do not despair, it can be won again, but this requires time and your decision to be honest and honest.”

How to learn to trust?

“It’s not difficult, you just have to TRUST everything, and if you have any doubts, ask yourself a very important question: is it a conjecture or a fact? And only if the fact – you can draw conclusions and make claims, but in no case do it on the assumption that no one has to justify himself after your fantasies, and the family can collapse because of unjustified scandals. ”

Confidence, as it were, delineates the framework of partners in which they have the consent and security. It is necessary to go beyond this framework and everything, the trust is lost.

Trust in relationships

Each relationship is unique. Confidence to each other develops over a period of time (most often a long one), without it, it is impossible to move forward and achieve common success. Doubts will always “slow down” any development. Therefore, if something disturbs you, then the surest way to decide is to talk.

The conversation should be calm. Do not start it with reproaches, accusations, and criticism. Remember that a person is not guilty of anything until his fault is proved. Your arguments and speculation – this is not evidence, but most likely a wild fantasy.

Still, to believe a man – it’s much nicer: the nerves are calm, and you sleep peacefully, and the mood is good.

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