Shutters are so stylish that they seem like an embellishment on windows. But they also offer innumerable benefits such as energy efficiency, competent ventilation, tilt functionality, and elevated property value. They are an investment undoubtedly worth considering.

But before you buy plantation shutters, there are a couple of critical things you need to consider. For example, you need to get aluminium shutters for outdoor areas to withstand rain and harsh sun. On the other hand, wood shutters work great on house windows.

Asking relevant questions is key to buying the proper window shutters for your home.

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Important things to know about shutters

There are a few fundamental things to contemplate when investing in window shutters. Some important ones are given below.

Material and design matter

Shutters are available in a variety of materials. There are wood, faux wood, aluminium, composite shutters, among others to choose from. It is imperative to pick a material that suits your house and its surroundings. Choosing the wrong material can be bothersome. For example, if you install wood shutters in moisture-prone rooms such as toilets, it will degrade fast.

Likewise, there are numerous design types to consider. Different louvre sizes can change the entire look of shutters. Midrails are also popular as they allow users to close the top half of the shutter and leave the bottom half-open, or vice versa. Another vital feature to consider is the colour of the shutter. Pick a colour that goes well with your home decor.


Good quality shutters will keep your house cool during the summer by allowing sufficient ventilation. Conversely, it can keep the house warm too during winters by preventing the chill from entering. Many of them come with tilt functions for improved efficiency. But did you know you could motorise the shutters? Motorised shutters can be programmed to auto-open and close at particular times of the day.

Safety aspect

You can invest in plantation shutters with locks as an extra safety measure. Look through the variety of latches and hinges on several shutters before making a final decision. There are panel pulls, locks, liberty arches, and other options to consider. It is better to go for shutters with sturdy locks even if it costs a little more as they can prevent break-ins. If you already have shutters installed at home, it is possible to upgrade them with locks.

Frame position and style

While it may not seem like it, frame style matters as it creates the desired look and functionality. But if there is an existing window frame or sill, you will have to check its compatibility with the new shutter. Depending on this, you need to decide if the shutters must have an inside or outside mount. The tilt functionality of the shutter depends on this decision. It will also influence the amount of light control you have.

Concluding thoughts

Once the answers to all the above questions are in hand, you can move on to the next important step: buying the shutters. They are energy-efficient window coverings beautifying the interiors and adding value to your property, a touch of elegance and luxury buyers rarely regret. So, making the correct shutter choice is an investment that will last for a long time.


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