Crane Truck Hire: The Dos and Don’ts

Are you in need of a crane truck to move a heavy load in Melbourne? It’s not as simple as calling the first crane truck hiring company you find in your local listings, is it? Working on a heavy-duty project requires you to use a reputable crane truck hire company that’ll be able to handle the workload.


There are many dangers in using unqualified crane truck hire services that can’t handle your load. Crane trucks come with different loading capacities and are manufactured by different brands. For example, the Hiab crane is the most popular as they were the first to manufacture the loader crane.


In this article we’ll deal with the specific checks you must do before hiring a crane truck. We’ll look at the different uses of a crane truck and give you a checklist to work from. Lastly, we’ll share the common mistakes people make when hiring a crane truck and give you tips on getting the best deal.


Different Uses of a Crane Truck

Perhaps you’re only familiar with the most common use of crane trucks which is to move a heavy load. There are many functions crane trucks can perform that you might not have known about. Let’s look at some other operations crane trucks are used for:

  • Crane trucks can lower and move materials horizontally
  • It can assemble heavy machinery which usually involves earthwork operations
  • Mini-cranes are frequently being used in the construction of skyscrapers
  • Some larger cranes can assist in building oil rigs and retrieve sunken ships

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Quality Checks for any Crane Truck Company

These are some of the most vital inspections and quality checks a company should do on their cranes to ensure they’re safe to use. Check with your crane truck hiring company when last these inspections were done:

  • Checking brakes and other functions: Regular checks on the brakes, sheaves and clutch of the crane should be done. It’s also prudent to check if the wire rope can assemble comfortably to ensure it doesn’t get stuck midway when operational.
  • Static load testing: This tests whether the crane can carry the load 25% beyond its loading capacity. Failure to perform this test can result in the crane breaking midway during a lift.
  • Operational Test: Here you check if the crane is working properly by doing random operations of lifting and moving materials. It’s a mock-up test to make sure the unit is in prime working condition.
  • Examine safety devices: It’s important to check if all the safety devices are in working condition. Re-examining the safety mechanisms in place is vital to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.


Checklist When Hiring a Crane Truck

Follow this easy checklist before you rush out and hire a crane truck. It will guide you into making the right selection:

  • Check that the job can be carried out safely according to the health and safety rules
  • If you haven’t taken out liability insurance make sure you get the necessary cover
  • Plan your activities carefully and don’t underestimate the skill required to operate a crane truck
  • Before selecting a rental company check their operator’s certification and the expertise of the crane operator


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Crane Truck

It’s so easy to make a mistake when you don’t know any better. We’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid so you don’t fall into the same trap as many before you:

  • Don’t select a crane truck solely based on price as the quality is extremely important when you work with complex equipment such as a crane truck .
  • Don’t ignore the fact that a crane truck hire company doesn’t have a track record as work history speaks of experience.
  • Don’t discard what you need, for what is convenient and available. Make sure the rental company can meet your needs to complete your job satisfactorily.


Tips on Getting the Best Deal

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best deal. The following tips will help you get just that:

  • A bit of research online will help you compare prices and see what each company offers
  • It’s acceptable to ask for a lower price; remember negotiating is part of the transaction
  • Make sure you’re speaking to a decision-maker if you’re negotiating for a better price
  • Timing is important when you’re shopping around; certain times of the day and year are more profitable to strike a deal than others
  • If you’re hiring more than one piece of equipment from the crane truck hire company, ask for a package price
  • When doing your research online check if the crane truck hire company is willing to match their competitors’ prices as it might be a policy they have in place

Final Thoughts

Finding the right crane truck for your project shouldn’t be a headache. It might require you to do some research on the different options for crane truck hire Melbourne has listed. But that’s a small price to pay for a good deal in the end.


The most important aspect to focus on is to make use of an experienced crane truck hire company to ensure the safety of your team. Let us know what interesting projects you’re working on and how using a crane truck will make your job easier.



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