Dog Toys: 5 Fun Options for Your Pet

Dogs need a proper outlet to follow and exhibit their instincts. Playing and chewing are natural behaviors that a canine needs to express, and it’s up to you, the pet owner, to make that happen.


Dog toys play a significant role in keeping your dog entertained. However, different canines have different preferences for toys. It’s essential that you pick high-quality dog toys that your pet actually likes, and make sure you’re always present to supervise playtime.

Various factors determine the safety or danger of a dog toy. When choosing a toy for your beloved canine pal, use this guide from a Dubai pet food delivery service.

1. Balls

When it comes to ball toys, it should be large enough to carry but not too small to get swallowed or lodged in your dog’s mouth. A ball is a must-have for canines who love to play fetch. They come in various kinds, from a basic tennis ball, rubber ball, to flashing-light balls.

The standard tennis ball size works well for most dogs. There are also extra large balls available for large dog breeds and mini balls for smaller breeds. If you plan to give your pet a tennis ball for a toy, make sure not to leave it lying around for your dog to chew as it can cause your canine’s teeth to wear down or lead to choking.

2. Plush Toys

Most dogs fancy plush toys which usually contain poly-fill and squeakers inside. They will carry it around like a baby or tear it apart like a prey. If you have an aggressive chewer, it may not be advisable to give a plush toy for playtime as it will not last long.

Aggressive dogs may find glory in ripping apart a plush toy, causing the stuffing to go everywhere. To keep your pet from swallowing the stuffing or squeaker, watch your dog closely as he plays with the plush toy. Choose a plush toy that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

3. Discs

Does your dog love to retrieve things? When it comes to fetching, a disc is more versatile than a ball as you can alter the speed and change its direction, challenging your dog further. To choose the right disc, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Safety – Cloth and rubber discs are readily available and can be fun to play with. The only downside is that these discs don’t fly well. If you plan to let your dog join a Frisbee competition, you’ll need a high-quality disc made of plastic. A disc made up of safe material will give more flexibility and less glare.
  • Durability – If you have a pet who enjoys ripping holes in a disc, you’ll need something made with tougher material. The only snag about a tough disc is that they tend to be heavier and more difficult to throw. Depending on your dog’s personality or propensities, you may be better off with something that isn’t too heavy.
  • Size – The disc size you’re going to pick should be according to the size of your dog. If your dog is average in size, standard-size discs that are about nine inches in diameter may work well. The larger the disc, the easier it can ‘float’ in the air. For beginners, start with a smaller disc, then work your way up to a larger disc as you improve your throwing skills.

4. Tug Toys

Tug toys allow your dog to enjoy a game of tug-of-war to display his predatory nature. It’s a toy that provides great mental and physical exercise. This is usually made of rope or rubber that’s comfortable for both you and your dog to pull on.

When choosing a tug toy, make sure it’s durable enough to withstand the strength of your canine’s pulling (and biting). As soon as you notice worn out or fraying tug toys, replace them so that they don’t break in the middle of playtime.

5. Interactive Toys

Interactive toys like dog puzzles and food dispensers provide mental stimulation and teach cognitive skills. These toys work on challenging your pet’s mind and keeping him preoccupied while you’re busy with other things. One of the most popular are food dispensing toys that you can fill with kibble or treats to provide hours of fun for your pet.

Get the most out of dog toys by alternating them

Whatever dog toy your pet fancies, what’s important is that it keeps him entertained, and physically and mentally stimulated.

Every week, rotate your pet’s toys by making only at least three toys available at a time. This will provide variety, keep your dog interested, and eradicate boredom.


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