How To Choose The Best Dry Food For Your Cat

Cats should be loved, they deserve nothing but the best treatment and care they need. And to that, choosing the right food to feed them is necessary. The confusion will start after going to a pet shop and seeing tons of brands selling dry cat food. To help you get started, below are guidelines to follow when choosing the best dry cat food in the market today.

Guidelines When Choosing The Right Dry Cat Food For Your Cat

Determining Their Needs

 Before you run to a pet shop to buy dry cat food, it is important that you consider your cat’s current needs.

  • Consider the age of your cat

Most of the cat foods available in the market today are categorized by cat’s age. There are formulas for aging cats and they provide all the important nutrients kittens need as they age, while there are options specifically for kittens to boost their energy for better growth.

  • Kitten foods are for cats age twelve months and below
  • Adult foods on the other hand are for cats age one to seven years old
  • And there are senior food best and recommended for 8 years old and above

Feeding kittens with adult food, and vice versa, is a huge no. By doing so, you are not giving them the opportunity to live their life’s fullest potential.

  • Consider dietary restriction

Not all cats are born equal, some need special diet – weight issues or allergies. Feeding overweight cats with dry cat food that will not help them reach healthy and optimal weight can make them sick.

There are cat foods that are made for outdoor cats, and some are for indoor cats.

  • There are dry cat foods available in the market today that are best fed to cats that are neutered or spayed
  • There are available formulas for kittens/cats who are highly prone to urinary track issues or hairballs
  • Talk to your vet

There is no other way to determine the right dry cat food for your pet than asking a vet, when speaking to your vet make sure to tell them everything, your cat’s eating habits and so on. They are the best person to speak with regarding your cat’s diet hence make sure you trust their recommendations and advices, food related or something else.

Check on your available options

With the many dry cat food options, brands, flavors and so on, deciding which to pick up may not come handy. Below are few tips to consider ensuring happiness on your purchase:

  • Check on brands

This can be the most time consuming when looking for a cat food to feed your most loved cats. When choosing the brand, consider their tenure producing high quality cat food and their overall reputation. You may also want to consider customer’s feedback, reviews online, and so on.

The brand of the dry cat food you purchase can make or break your success in buying the right cat food for your pet, hence you have to be very careful with it.

  • Check on the cost

Most of the time, if not all the time, the level of cat food quality is based on the price, but that does not mean you always have to buy the most expensive ones. Buying the premium version or the more expensive type of cat food is not recommended if not required or necessary to your pet’s diet.

Note: The brand of the cat food may also be a factor with its cost.

  • Read the cat food’s label

It is important to read the label of the dry cat food first before making a purchase. There is much information you can get from doing so, like the content of the dry cat food, dietary supplements, expiration date and the age of cat the food is best recommended for.

  • Know what your cat prefers

Cats are like human too, they have different preferences in terms of food they eat. Do they like smaller kibbles or do they enjoy larger kibbles? What flavor they prefer, tuna, salmon, chicken etc.

It is best to buy smaller pouches first to try whether your cat increases or decreases their appetite when served the dry cat food. Monitor his/her eating habits a week after you change their food.

Buying the right kind of dry cat food for your cat is necessary, as failure to feed them the right kind and amount of food can impact their health big time. If you see huge difference in their eating habits or any negative impacts on their welfare and health after changing their dry cat food, stop feeding them with the same food and/or bring them to a vet immediately, if deemed necessary. If you love your cat, feed them right.

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