Facts about Plantation Shutters Every Sydney Homeowner Should Know

Sydney offers one of the most vibrant environments for homeowners who would like to stay close to the metropolis yet feel like living in the suburbs. With a population of over 5.23 million people, Sydney offers the best of everything– from eccentric cuisine to home furnishing options gathered from cultural influences around the world. 

Immigrants from South America and the influence of modern architecture made Sydney a haven for new house designs. Today, people see some of the best houses in the city which are all gathered from the world. 

If you are looking for a unique window treatment, plantation shutters in Sydney are one of the confusing options. It is often mixed up with Colonial shutters but is entirely different in terms of style and design. 

Plantation Shutters

This Window Treatment Comes From Subtropical Plantations

Opting for a traditional look for your home is far better achieved with plantation shutters. This is because of its traditional design and overall feel, reminiscent of old country homes. The clue to its origin though comes from its name which is as basic and rich as its appearance. 

This type of window was first used in South American homes, growing cotton, sugar, coffee, and tobacco. Its simplicity is suitable for the subtropical climate, which has mild winters and humid summers.  

Another reason why most Australian homeowners opt for this kind of window treatment is because of its large slat sizes and design permanence. When installed in your home, they become permanent wall fixtures, becoming an accessory to provide some privacy and light management.

Small Installation Upgrades Provide An Enormous Difference To Its Final Finish 

When installing plantation shutters in Sydney, you can have small yet inexpensive upgrades to your shutters. It will provide a big improvement in its overall appeal, making your plantation shutters better looking and more functional. 

Among the things, you can include shutter locks, hidden hinges, and shutter pulls. Concealed hinges are used for better presentation, providing your home with a seamless aesthetics. On the other hand, shutter locks and pulls are used for better security and functional decorative embellishments.

There are also several other upgrades for plantation shutters including small accessories that improve its appearance. For your shutters to have a better look and functionality, all you need to do is consult an expert so they can recommend the right products and accessories.

Motorised Plantation Shutters Are Convenient And More Efficient 

Advancements in motorised shutters and window coverings have exponentially increased over the last couple of years. The reason behind such technology is the convenience it brings and its efficiency in terms of use.

Motorised plantation shutters have also become cost-effective because batteries tend to last longer in a single charge. Its efficiency in providing aesthetics, privacy, and UV protection does not undermine the fact that automation has become the leading trend in home improvements.

Motorised plantation shutters can be automated to tilt open at the time you desire or at a certain time in the day. Additionally, they can be programmed to tilt close when the Sydney sun is too unbearable. 

The Takeaway

 If you are aiming to outfit your home with the traditional aesthetics of a country-side property, plantation shutters are just the right window treatment. This type of window covering does not only make your home look properly kept. But they are hard fixtures that keep the value of your property.

Plantation shutters might be considered as generic blinds by some, but their high-quality make and serviceability return the money for your initial investments.

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