Where to find an ideal Rat Trap? Buy one or Devise your Own ?

Rat trap is old yet still effective method of rodent control. At the moment there is a wide variety of traps on the market . Let us list each type in brief. After this overview you will not have any problems choosing best rat trap for your case.

Classic trap with a spring lever. 
Such rat trap needs to have a bait for luring rodents : bread (can pre-fried and oiled for better effect), chocolate, peanut butter.
The placement is also very important. You need to limit the radius of approach of rodents, so setting the trap in the corner is ideal choice. The only safety measurement that you need to abide – keep pets and kids away, rat trap might be enabled from a simple touch.

Cage traps (no kil -trap) is the most humane way to get rid of rats, this automatically removes the danger concerned with pets and children . Rat remains alive when being trapped, no blood, can be reused again.

Poisonous bait stations – poisoned bait for extermination of rats, must be placed in special container. The rat will enter and eat the bait. This option is also resistant against pet and kid tampering.

Electronic rat trap – the most advanced option on the market. It kills instantly using electric shock. No blood, no dirt, no need to touch dead rodent bodies.

Glue traps – Such traps work cause the rat sticks with its paws (or rarely with the body) to a specific (very viscous) glue – when rat tries to tear itself away it bites into the glue even more. The rat cannot run away cause it sticks to the glue with the wool.

The advantage of glue rat traps is that they rarely do not work (it may happen sometimes if the glue gets the dust or moisture ). Unlike mechanical devices where misfires occur, and which, when triggered, kill only one animal , the glue trap can adhere several rodents at the same time.

However There are three disadvantages as well:

Inhumane – animals suffer for a long time in these traps, slowly dying cause of thirst (or they need to be killed instantly after being captured). Of course, if for humane reasons you would lik to detach a mouse or a rat from such an adhesive glue, there are options like vegetable oil, But it will not be easy if the animal is too aggressive.
Pet or child can be smeared with glue. Such pollution is not easy to wash away , especially if cats or dogs are affected you will need to cut their hair.

Such traps should not be used outside, to prevent birds being trapped into them.

Best rat traps which you can create on your own using available materials.
Are you surprised ? Yes , you can create a trap on your own . The trap will be as effective as the one you have purchased. We will explain you how.

Creating a trap from a bucket
The method is quite primitive, but it is reasonably effective. You need to take a bucket and fill it with a concentrated salt solution (brine). Water should be masked with a thick layer of sawdust, sunflower husks or corn leaves. The swollen layer should stay on top. Take a mouth-watering bait with a pleasant odor and place it in the middle of bucket. Next, build a way to approach the top edge of the bucket: a plank can be used for this. The rodents will smell the bait, it will immediately run to its smell, fall on a layer of sawdust and fall (due to its own weight) into salt water, from which it will not be able to get out.

Devising a trap from plastic bottle.
Plastic bottles are everywhere, anyone who reads this can use them to make a trap. 10 15 litre containers are advisable. The upper part should be cut off with sharp knife and turned over. Then the part should be inserted into the cavity ( a thing ilke a funnel would be ok ). Before doing this steps, you need to place bait to the bottom. The trap should be attached to a shelf or stem and strengthened. The rat will get into the tank through the neck. It will not be able to get out of the trap.

Paper rat trap.
The operation mechanism of this trap is that the animal, which will get close to the trap will fall into it.
The design could be carried out in several ways
One of the simplest ones :

Make a tunnel out of cardboard (also use a piece of a wide plastic pipe could be used);

The tunnel should be placed on the edge of the table, so that half of it hangs over the edge. The bait is placed at the very edge of a tunnel. A barrel or deeo bucket should be placed under the site.

Here is how it works:

So we have given you overview of best rat traps available currently and also explained how they can be devised on your own. Hopefully dealing with rats will not be a puzzle for you anymore.

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