Five Fun Activities For Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are part of child development, with children learning vital skills that will prepare them for everyday life. These skills can be as simple as holding a pencil, to being able to put pieces of a puzzle in the right places, to eventually being able to use a knife to cut and prepare food. Children should be encouraged to hone their fine motor skills at every opportunity. It isn’t just children that can benefit from activities involving fine motor skills, and adults that are going through physical rehabilitation, and the elderly can also use them. These five fun activities can help your family with their fine motor skills in an entertaining way.

Fine Motor Skills

Bracelet making

A bracelet making kit comes in various guises, and you can buy kits cheaply in stores and online. However, it is just as easy to make your own kit by purchasing beads in assorted colours and sizes, and some elasticated string, or thick thread. Children can practice tying knots in the end of the string before threading beads onto it. This requires hand-to-eye co-ordination as they thread the string precisely through the holes in the beads. The finished result of a self-crafted bracelet provides a fun goal for children and adults alike.


Origami is an ancient art of paper folding, thought to have originated in Japan. Activity This requires concentration and attention to detail, and is a novel way to practice fine motor skills. Origami can be quite simple, or you can choose designs that are more complicated as you, or your child, become more skilled. Easy Origami For Kids is a fantastic resource for origami ideas with easy to follow instructions and picture tutorials.


There are child-friendly sewing kits available consisting of plastic grids, thick threadand large plastic blunt needles. As they grow, introduce children to more sophisticated sewing kits until they are eventually able to sew using traditional needle and thread. Sewing is becoming a dying past time, but adults may also enjoy taking on some sewing projects which would help keep their minds and fingers nimble.

Collage making

This fun activity involves cutting out different shapes and pictures from assorted materials, and sticking them onto a board or large piece of stiff paper. Collages can have themes such as favorite film characters, or can be patterns made from different coloured papers that have been cut into various shapes.An adult version of this is the mood board, which many people use when redecorating their homes or even to help decide on future career paths.

Lid post box

Toddlers will love this simple game. Collect recycled lids from household items and a shoebox. In the shoebox, cut various sized slits that match the size of the assorted lids you have collected. Sort the lids by size and paint the same sized lids in the same colour. Paint the corresponding slit in the same color as the appropriate lid. The colors will aid younger children with choosing which lid will fit in which hole.

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