Flavoured or Unflavoured Collagen Powder: Which Should You Choose?

Collagen is the most recurrent protein found in the human body. Out of the total protein composition of a human body, approximately 33% is collagen protein. It is the building unit of skin, tendons, ligaments, muscles and even bones. As you age, the body’s collagen production capacity starts to drop exponentially. The most evident sign of collagen depletion is seen on the skin. As your age progresses, your skin loses its firmness due to collagen deficiency. Food sources alone can not replace the lost collagen. Hence, it is advisable to consider flavoured or unflavoured collagen powder plus vitamins and minerals with it to ensure your body’s youthfulness as you age. But flavoured or unflavoured collagen powder, which is best for you?


Flavoured Collagen Powder:

Everyone loves a great tasting supplement. There are thousands of flavours out there in the market to choose from to tingle your taste buds. But are these flavoured collagen powders healthy?

The primary drawback of flavoured powders is the amount of added sugar in them. Natural sugar from natural flavour sources can be a good choice. Still, in general, flavoured collagen powder comes with artificial flavours and added sugar, which can counteract the benefits of collagen on your body. Hence, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the nutrition label on the flavoured collagen powder that you choose. Always check for the amount of energy from sugar and carbohydrates. It’s best to understand the source of this sugar too. A collagen powder with natural flavours like cocoa, vanilla or berry extracts would be the most ideal and safe flavoured collagen powder.

It is also essential to understand why manufacturers choose to flavour their collagen supplements. Collagen is an animal product derived from fish and cows. Collagen in its purest form is tasteless, but depending on where the collagen is derived from and how qualitatively it is derived imparts a certain taste to the collagen powder. A poorly derived collagen will leave an awful aftertaste. Hence, manufacturers add artificial flavours and sugar to their products to cover up this inferior quality collagen. If flavoured collagen powder is your thing, consider supplements only from a reputed brand with transparent manufacturing processes.

Unflavoured Collagen Powder:

Unflavoured collagen powder can give you a lot of flexibility in terms of flavouring. A high-quality unflavoured collagen supplement is practically tasteless; hence, it can be added to any food of choice, even coffee or a green smoothie. This is not the case with flavoured collagen powders; you would not have the flexibility of consuming it with the food of your choice.

Unflavoured collagen powder translates into collagen powder without additives, which means no added sugar and the lowest calories per serving. If you aim to maximize your workout potential and want to stay away from sugar, then unflavoured collagen powder will be your best bet.

It is essential to pay attention to the manufacturing process of these products too. Any discrepancy in taste may indicate a low-quality product. Hydrolyzed unflavoured collagen powder from a reputed manufacturer may be expensive, but it would be an excellent investment for your health.

Summing Up:

Collagen powders are a must-have supplement for your body for their optimal performance as you age. It is advisable to consult a nutritionist and get a complete understanding of your body’s need for unflavoured collagen powder plus vitamins and minerals. Flavoured collagen powders may be friendly with your tongue but can be detrimental to your overall health if there are too many additives. Always choose a reputed brand with a proven track record to ensure your safety.

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