How Dehumidifiers Work?

Dehumidifiers functions in 2 different ways. By Absorption/adsorption or by refrigeration methods. In absorption/adsorption moisture is absorbed in or adsorbed on drying substance and removed. In refrigeration air is cooled to eliminate moisture using refrigeration technology.


  1. Warm and moist air is drawn in by grid on a side of machine.
  2. Electric fan pulls the air in the inward direction
  3. Warm air passes on freeze cold pipes by which coolant circulates. It’s just like a refrigerator or mini air conditioners unendingly circulating coolant by compressor or pump. When air cools, moisture in it turn back into the liquid and drips below off pipes.
  4. Now moisture-less air passes on heating element like fan heater and then warms it back to original temperature.
  5. Dry and warm air blow back to room by another grid.
  6. Moisture in air initially drips down to collecting bucket or tray at bottom.
  7. Plastic float inside machine rises in upward direction as collecting tray get full.
  8. When try gets full, float trips electric switch which turns fan Off and switches an indicator On to alarm you to empty the machine.


Some dehumidifiers work by washing water out with some material and squeezing water away in order to eliminate it. This action of mopping involves either adsorption i.e. water is picked on a surface or adsorption i.e. water soaks into something.

How does absorption/adsorption dehumidifiers work?

  1. Moist air in the room pulled into from room via duct.
  2. Air moves through large spinning wheel made up of some water absorbing substance that removes humidity.
  3. Air is pulled through a fan ran by electrical motor.
  4. Dry air in the machine is then blown back in the room
  5. Air duct below is kept at hot state through electric heater element
  6. Moisture absorption wheels spin by heated space. It has hotter air blown through it in order to dry out.
  7. Air is sucked past by fan as well as electric motor just like the one mentioned above.
  8. The wet, hot air is then blown out by an exhaust pipe.

As you would expect from the popular firms such as Honeywell, the entire unit is controlled through thermostats as well as humidity sensors therefore you can make your room dry and hot as you like. Black lines that you see at the bottom and at the right of the electric circuits diagram available in the product manual are usually the electrical circuits that control the dehumidifier machines.


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